Amp Cap

Looking for replacement power supply I think, they say "ac negative lug" what ever that means...upright caps with both leads on the same side. 10K uF Any help is appreciated. Thanks,
With that little understanding, You SHOULD be asking: Who around can fix this for me?
Are they soldered to the board or standing upright with screws?
The 10K uf means 10000 uf and should have a voltage spec/rating also printed on them.Can you take a pic of these caps?
Look for these things.

There should be a voltage rating on the side (ie 35 V). Measure the diameter and height. Look for the name of a manufacturer (like Panasonic, Nichicon, CDE, etc). Finally, look for the capacitance, measured in uF (micro farads). Sometimes there will be a temperature rating as well (like 85C or 105C).

With all that info you can easily have someone find a suitable replacement for you. Post all this info and I will see what I can do to help.