amp blowing up

i turn off my preamp all the time before i turn off my amps and they never blow up. i have cj art mark 2 and wavac he833 single ended amps with trios never a problem i guess it does not matter how you turn things off any comments?
Why are you turning them off?
Biggest drawback of turning on/off in the "wrong" order is the pops one may hear in the speakers. I imagine this does cause damage, and over time will cause the speaker to die before its time. This scares me since I just sold my Monster 5000 which had proper power up/down sequence in favor of a CinePro PowerPro20 with no switched outlets. Guess I have to get off my lazy butt now:/ What I'll go thru for good sound.
My power conditioners turn the amps off first, and then all of the other components 20 or 30 seconds later. On start up, it's the other way around.

Unwanted preamp switching noise often arises from (1) a power switch that causes a voltage spike when it is flipped and (2) uneven discharging of capacitors. A high quality preamp such as the ART could easily avoid these issues by buffering the power switch (or using a well-designed one that doesn't cause a voltage spike) and by using better capacitors or designing circuitry to allow them to discharge without affecting the audio circuits. Obviously, lesser products require proper sequencing to avoid unwanted noise.
123a- Most tube pres have relays that short the output connection to ground when powered down or during initial warmup. However, to be safe, it would be best to follow the standard power up/down sequence to avoid any surprising incidents. The sonic garbage that a tube pre can produce during warm up has been known to damage speakers and amps. Relays are very reliable, but I try not to depend on them all the time. Just my .02
Be happy, amps arent supposed to blow up