Amp blowing fuses

I have a pair of quicksilver kt-88 monos and one is blowing 3A slo-blo fuses instantly on powerup. I have swapped all the tubes from its mate and looked at the chassis wiring which is discrete, point to point. It looks clean with no hints of overheating or trouble. I've thought about trying a 4A fuse but wanted to get opinions as maybe one of you have had a similar problem... thanks for any help, opinions etc...
Shorting across a power supply capacitor to discharge it is never a good idea. You can however use a 1K ohm 1watt resistor or greater wattage and bleed the voltage down.
Yes, I can take some pics of the . I'll go ahead with that...thanks I appreciate the help. I might be able to get a schematic. I'll try retrevo or other forums. I sure appreciate the help!
Rawinsonde, from reading a few internet forums, schematics are not available from Quicksilver, though reversed-engineered sketches might be circulating.

In any case, send your pictures to the email address below. I'll mark them up with instructions and email them back:

Thanks to all of you who posted help and suggestions. I may have found the culprit, a diode in the rectifier circuit reads shorted. I had to order a few of them online from radio shack. We'll see in a few days if that fixes it...
In addition to all of your helpful posts, I would like to especially thank Frank (Metro04) who spent a lot of time with me in detail checks and troubleshooting. Without that help, I think I would still be down as there are no service outlets available here for the product.