Amp and wiring for theta Casablanca 5.1

I'm a newB to te home theater and just purchased a used casablanca 5.1. can someone help with few questions:
1. can I use a 2 chanels Power Amp or must it be multi chanel. any recomendations For an Amp? what output?
2. to which jack in the back of the the unit the Power Amp should be connected?

thank you for your assistance.

Ricco9, more info needed, what is your budget for a amp(s) and what speakers will you be using? You will need a 5 channel amp or a 2 channel and 3 channel amp for home theater.
1) You can use two channel but bbe sure you set up the internal menu to let it know it's all coming out of two channels. I use one 2 channel for main speakers, and a 5 channel for the rest.
Recommendations on amps depends on $, speakers, room siz, etc. etc.
2) Only jacks on the back of power amp will be input - left and right - they need to be connneected to appropriate l-r outputs on the pre.
I would like to keep my budget in the 2K range.
I also got a great Krell KRC signature pre that I'm not sure if I can integrate into the system
My speakers are JM labs electra. What would be a good center?