Amp and speakers combo- Magnepan MG 1.6/QR

Right now I am running the following system

Pre is NAD 175
Amp is a NAD 975-140 wpc
mac mini with music fidelity vdac(all music is now played thru this)

Front speakers are the 1.6's
MMGC center channel
MMG back speakers

Now when I watch a movie or have a TV program on in 5.1 the system sounds good.

In Stereo mode it might be a little bright on some music and on others very nice. The placement of the front speakers are fine, nice sound stage and good overall sound.

three selections of music that I keep going back to
US blues - Grateful Dead
Deacon Blues- Steely Dan
Jesus Just left Chicago Govn't Mule

I would like to take some of the brightness off. Suggestions on where to start?

Oh and I tried a set of Tyler Linbrook Supers, but I am really a planar man

Thanks in advance for the help
have you tried changing the resistor value on the tweeter?

It seems to be a popular choice around here...

you could try changing wire, something like Acoustic Zen is the smoothest stuff around...

good luck
Try the Cardas jumper wire and HiFi Tuning fuses
I would say replace the power amp. I was running a Mccormack DNA .5 Deluxe on mine (1.6') and was VERY happy. You may want to look for a DNA 1 since it is a double duty system, little more head room .....
I would say your source for music is the problem. Try a Jolida tube CD player for example. Or try an OPPO BDP-83 SE which will give you an universal player. At any rate, Magnepans are very revealing speakers and I would think your source is your weakest link.
you need a lot more power for the front speakers. I would look at keeping the NAD for the center and rear speakers and looking for an amp with at least 400w into 4 ohm. The extra power will definitely mellow out the brightness. Maybe a Wyred4Sound?

Good luck.
I agree with both Jimyork and Macdadtexas.

Since you are a computer server music person, I suggest replacing the VDAC with a tubed DAC like Music Hall DAC25.2, a warmer solid state DAC like PS Audio Data Link III, a Benchmark, or just an all around better DAC like Bryston's new BDA-1 if you can swing it.

As for more power - I have never heard of a pair of Maggies being over-powered. This may ultimately be limiting your enjoyment more than anything else.
Having more power will also give an increase in bass which will provide better balance and control of the speaker.

Make sure your room is not contributing to your brightness issues. Absorbtion, diffusion etc.