amp and speakers break in

I´ve been listening to a brand new creek 4330mk2 and acoustic energy´s
aegis ones for some 20 hours now, I don´t really know what they´re supposed to sound like but was expecting some more in dinamics, openness and power. The sound is still good however. Does anyone know how long before they can offer their best? The CDplayer is a cheap portable(panasonic), interconects are also cheap. Speaker cables are good QED´s silver aniversary. Thanks for your comments,( suggestions of CDplayers are welcome) Rodrigo Tavares
Acoustic Energy speakers will probably require 100 to 150 hours minimum, before they are as smooth, extended and dynamic as they need to be. I don't know on the amps, but would be surprised if they don't require at least as much as the speakers, perhaps more.
till minimum 300 hours sound will be change
How can you know if they reach their potential if your cd player and interconnects are of poor quality? At some point you will change them, and then wonder about their burn in. I would suggest you get a cd player, burn everything and then test interconnects. Depending on your budget, you might want to consider the new Rega cd player or the Arcam 7SE, but be sure to demo before buying. I am surprised that you say you don't know what they are supposed to sound like. Does that mean you bought them without listening to them? If that is the case, they may never make you happy. Good luck.
ditto what albert said..... 100 to 150+ hours minimum for the Creek and Aegis 1's.
The speakers and amplification will never be done justice by your present source or IC's.
As an inexpensive quality CDP starting point look to the entry NAD's and Cambridge units and Arcam,Rega,AH Tjoeb,Audio Refinement, etc.if you can swing a little more.
Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, I bought both
the amp and the speakers without listening to them. It's my first purchase of separates wich I beleive was well made and I'm already happier than I was with my minisystem.I know the Creek was't made to shake walls and that speakers change after sometime. I guess a good CDP( I'm considering both the Arcam 7SE and Pionner DVD) will solve the problem.