Amp and Preamp recommendations for Yamaha NS5000

Currently have SOTM 200 ultra -> denafrips terminator +dsp board -> Audio gd he9 pre amp -> dual bryston 4bsst -> NS5000.
I am loving the sound... just sounds incredible. But wonder about amp and pre amp upgrades down the road. Any thoughts on what might work well? These speakers are 87 db efficient.
So far thinking all pass labs amps + pre.

Ok with buying used. Would like to keep things under $20k if I can. Thanks.
Anything like that in the Yamaha Family? Next closest would be Accuphase. These days, I always go with BAT.
I've heard those and they want a warmish but very controlled amp/s, suggest you look at, if you have the funds the Gryphon Diablo 120 or better 300.

or for something US  any of the XA version Pass Labs  

Cheers George
@georgehifi I am surprised that you would think a warmish amp is need with the NS5000. I heard these with the latest Yamaha separates and thought the system sounded warm. I was thinking something a little more neutral would also work.

Saying that I plan on using the Luxman m900u with the NS5000 which I will also get. I think most people think the Lux is slightly warm.

I saved a post about different categories of amps (warn, cool, neutral) from everyone's fav A'gon dealer since I thought it was great info. I was about to post that info but decided that it would cause too many veins to explode. Op will get a private message with the info.

I am surprised that you would think a warmish amp is need with the NS5000.
I'm say this in comparison to what he uses now, dual bryston 4bsst - which are a very cool sounding amp/s.
The Gyrphons or XA Pass Labs will give just as controlled and detailed sound, but more musical, not as cool as the Brystons

Cheers George
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This is the sound that I’m referring to, from a "Sound Stage" review. When I say use an amp that is higher in Class-A bias than the Brystons, like the Gryphons or XA Pass Labs.
" With initial pairing to Halcro dM68 monos in my usual review system, the Yamahas took on an ever-so-slightly clinical presentation over their entire range, emphasizing the aspects of the tweeter that I have described below, rendering the treble particularly dry and out-of-character with the slightly warm tonality of the midrange and bass drivers."

Cheers George
Very interesting thoughts.

I think either gryphon or pass as you guys say might be the answer.
I also got a suggestion for Jeff Rowland monos.
Vitus i think will be a good match. Sia 025 with my sasha 2
is fantastic.
@smodtactical What gear did Markus use to demo the NS 5000?

My demo had the new Yamaha separates at $10K each. I sounded very good and  they are only 100W @ Ohmn.

This speaker has the detail but it is also soft on top. 

The local dealer that carries the NS 5000 has the new SimAudio 860 v2

I will ask them to hook them up to the NS5000 to them before I buy them. I will buy the NS5000 but want to hear SimAudio with them. They sounded great with the Persona 5F which is a much different speaker from the NS5000. I will likely do a head to head comparison, in the same room with the same gear, between the NS5000 and the Persona 5F.  I am thinking of the Persona 9H for another room.
I need to ask a question. Since when, does Mcintosh have lightning fast dynamics, and a high damping factor ? None that I have heard, and I sold, and installed them, for years. My buddy has a 452, and I would not describe it that way at all. It is a warm sounding amp, and he loves it. ymmv
I need to ask a question. Since when, does Mcintosh have lightning fast dynamics, and a high damping factor ? None that I have heard, and I sold, and installed them, for years.
+1Those characteristics indeed do not apply to Mac's
Cheers George
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Gamut D200 is often used as a reference amp. Also Danish.
Or, why not an older Yamaha powerhouse like the MX-10000?
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@georgehifi Thanks for the heads up on the Sound Stage review. I was thinking of also getting the Benchmark AHB2 to mix and match with the Luxman m900u on the NS5000 and KEF LS50 that I will have in the same room. The NS5000 + AHB2 could be a bad combo (similar to Halcro?) though the AHB2 was very good with the KEF LS50. What do you think of the AHB2 with the NS5000?

Another amp that I was considering for this mix and match ensemble I am planning is the CODA # 8 or #16. I have a demo setup for the #8 anytime I get down to Los Angeles. A few people have commented that the CODA is comparable to a PASS Labs. The CODA could be too similar to the Luxman to make it a good choice for having variety in the ensemble.

Preamp | Streamer | DAC - likely the Mola Mola Makua
What do you think of the AHB2 with the NS5000?
From what I heard of the NS-5000, I'd go for an A/B solid state that has quite a bit of "high biased into Class-A" to keep those highs from becoming as Sound stage said also
"Yamahas took on an ever-so-slightly clinical presentation over their entire range, emphasizing the aspects of the tweeter that I have described below"
To me right up the Gryphon Diablo 120 or 300 or Pass Lass's XA series alley.

Cheers George

@georgehifi  I think your recommendation is probably spot on with pass labs to keep things detailed and musical. Although I would not say its sounding clinical right now with the dual brystons. But I just feel like pass labs will bring even more musicality while retaining all the detail.
@yyzsantabarbara  this speaker is indeed so interesting in that some people perceive it to be smooth and rolled and musical while others very lean and clinical. I think its a real chameleon and adapts to the gear you feed it. For me it sounds like the perfect balance of both. Oh and marcus/shawn had it connected to the yamaha as3000 and Directstream dac.
@smodtactical I have previously considered the Hegel 590 or 390 since I have demoed the 360 and top end monoblocks with KEF Blades and thought it was very good, not as good as the Luxman, but something I could be very happy with long term.

Every time I see this integrated or the 390 I keep asking myself why not just get this and make my life simpler. I think it would be a very good match with the NS5000. (390 is ROON READY and 590 will get update soon)

I just remembered that I demoed the Mark Levinson 585 integrated with Magico A3 speakers. At one time I was going to get that before I went on the separates tangent. However, the 585 is excellent, not as good as the Mark Levinson separates but almost as good  for massively less money.

For a short range solution you can sell all you gear and get one of these integrateds to do the same thing. I forgot if the ML 585 does streaming like the Hegel.

I have had the Bryston 7B-SST and Bryston PowerPack 300 SST (same as your 4B-SST) and I can definitely say both the older Hegel and the Mark Levinson sounded better to me.
Thanks will look into this.
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Stereo5, I made the comment, based on another poster's description, which I repeated above, and questioned. She deleted her post, because I called her out on it. I do not feel I bashed McIntosh, in this particular instance, and you, are not asking for a friend, since you, own the brand. I understand why you, and others ( as my friend, who I mentioned ), enjoy McIntosh. When it comes to audio gear, and knowing what I like, and don't, and I mean this sincerely, I am the least insecure person, I know. So, read the other popular McIntosh post running here, " Disappointing on McIntosh...Help ", as, you will not find me there, at all. Have a good rest of your day, and, Enjoy ! 
@mrdecibel .....................

”asking for a friend” was my attempt of making a joke. I never saw d2girls posts and did not realize her posts had been deleted as I wasn’t following this thread too closely.  
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He has not harassed you or anyone at all on this thread, he simply stated and questioned measurable fact about McIntosh transformer couple solid state amps.
Since when, does McIntosh have lightning fast dynamics, and a high damping factor ?
This is not harassing, even in the slightest way.
Sorry my thread lead to such fighting.  😔
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A Supratek DHT preamp would do the NS5000s justice.Say a Cabernet 300B/45 .Well worth trying with your Bryston power amps.
@jtgofish  What gear have you tried with your NS5000's. 
Other interesting integrated are Absolare (great sound) and Aavik.

Absolare (no dac, tubed input)

Aavik (has dac). I have only hear another Aavik model but this is the newest
As I said to yyz in dm. I may go from dual 4bsst (with sst2 mobo) to a single 14bsst2 with not much investment for the change. Hope thats not a side grade.
I mentioned to smodtactical that I thought it would be an upgrade from 4B-SST to 14B-SST2 for 2 reasons. 

1) The SST line is a little coarse on top. I owned 4B-SST, PowerPac 300, and 7B-SST for many years with various speakers, I know Bryston. The SST2 line is a little smoother on top and will be appreciated by the NS5000.

2) Going from 4B to the more powerful 7B was beneficial with my inefficient Revel Salon 1 in a big way. I also had a large room and played it loud those days (ah the memories). Not sure if the NS5000 needs that
much power or if the OP plays his system loud.

The 14B-SST2 is almost as good as the 7B-SST2. The 7B is slightly better because it is housed in 2 chassis which provides some slight spec increases.