amp and preamp for Axiom M22's


I have some new Axiom M22ti's and an Axiom EP125 sub and am trying to figure out how to finish out my system. I've been back and forth between receivers, integrated amps, and amps/preamps. looked at integrated amps for a while, then decided to look at some older used components.

Right now, I'm looking at (mostly based on available pieces here at audiogon):
Rotel RB-1050, 70x2
Rotel RB-1070, 130x2
Anthem PVA-2, 125x2
Adcom GFA-555, 200x2

My listening area is about 12x12, but is only half of the whole room, which is closer to 25' long. I won't be blasting it all the time but still want enough power to play with. Would the 70w be enough?

For a preamp I need to look some more. I've decided I don't care so much if there's a remote or not. A remote would be nice but not neccessary. Looking at the Onkyo Integra P-304 (from late 90's I think).

Then every once in a while I figure I should give up on the amp/preamp and just do an integrated amp.

Thanks in advance!

Have you considered Jolida? They make a great line of tube and hybrid integrateds.