Amp and Pre-amp recommendation

Have been a hifi enthusiast for years, but have just now decided to build my first high-end system. I enjoy speaker building. And so, plan to build the Eros Mk II as the speakers for the system. Next two decisions are amp and pre-amp. I'm considering the Monarchy SM70 and the Odyssey Khartago for power. Also, thinking of a used Forte Model 2 for the pre-amp. For source, turntable is still open - Rega Planar 2 maybe and a Squeezebox through a Monarchy DIP.

I'd love to have some feedback as this is my first go at this. Especially on the amp and pre-amp. Maybe there are other amps in this range ($1000) that would be good fits, or other pre-amps in the range of the Forte ($300-$400) that would be good options.
I am interested in some of the same gear. The Khartago is especially appealing to me, and the Forte looks like a good value, probably best used available in this price range. The Rotel RC1070 is a solid if unspectacular preamp and has a good phono section. I also like the NAD C162 - if you happen to like the NAD house sound. I have not heard the C162 with an amp other than the NAD C272, but that is a nice combination.

The Rotel and NAD preamps (or other budget offerings) would likely leave some of the Odyssey's performance envelope unstuffed. I was actually thinking about pairing the Khartago with a decent (and more expensive) tube pre like the Rogue Audio Metis or the Manley Shrimp. You might also look at an old Conrad Johnson pre, but if going tube, make sure the preamp output impedance is not too high.
Thanks, this is helpful. I'm kind of banking on the assumption that I'll be able to find a Forte (which hasn't been the case so far - still looking). What about the conrad johnson PF-1?
Take a look at used Cayin/VAS components. They are great sounding and a great value. I've been very happy with my experience with their components.
What is the output impedance on the PF-17?