Amp and pre-amp

I have about $5,000 to spend On an amp and a pre-amp

50% home theater
50% music. It's more important that the music sounds great rather than the thx if I have to sacrifice. I listen to both soft and classic rock

I haven't been in the market for about 9 years and it seems a bit confusing to me ( I'm to old and tired to re-learn )

I have

Snell XA-60 towers
Snell XA-55 center
Snell SR30 surround
McIntosh PS112 sub

The new room is big 17' X 26'

I moved and sold my
MX 134
MC 126. Seemed to have a very difficult time driving the Snells when I get drunk and turn up the volume
Are you looking for a 2 channel preamp with a HT passthrough or a HT preamp?
I don't know. I'm looking for suggestions

At this stage prob a HT preamp and a 5 channel amp
MC 126. Seemed to have a very difficult time driving the Snells when I get drunk and turn up the volume
And Captain Kirk said, “Scotty, we need more power!”

Here’s a couple of links that may help,

Do you listen to music in 2 channel or 5 channel?
Those 4 ohm Snells need good power. A Marantz processor, maybe the 7701. For an amp, Outlaw Audio 7200, and you'd have over a grand left over. Might want to get a dealer to install and set up the Marantz and have the 7200 on hand for him, these processors are getting pretty complicated like computers anymore.
Marantz is a 2-dimensional brand. I sold it for many years. I would go for a Onkyo PR-SC5509 witht a Primare poweramp. It will give you a deep and wide and 3d sound. Wenn you go for Audyssey Pro you will hit the jackpot.....
Marantz recently got bought out by the owners of Denon, and the Marantz processors are apparently versions of Denon AVRs. Not sure if that's an improvement, but there you are. Onkyo would certainly be another good option, as would the Integra version.
How about McCormack??? DNA 250 and RLD-2? They would have to be top choices in your price range. Superb sounding gear that is upgradable thru SMcAudio. At regular pricing, the McCormack gear would leave you some $$ to spend on some nice cables like the Tara Labs higher-end offerings. Or you could spend the $ on an upgrade to the new amp thru SMcAudio? Just my 2 cents...good luck.
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I suspect that, if you are still concerned with amplifier performance, you're not drunk enough.
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You guys have never heard an amplifier that has a larger influence on bettering the sound quality of your system?? I use a McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe in passive mode and a McCormack DNA-1 with SMcAudio Gold upgrades with Tara Labs Air 1 running into Hales Revelation Three. I can tell you for certain that an amplifier plays a huge role in overall sound quality. I also agree with Bo1972's post regarding the three dimensional capabilities of the other amps mentioned.