Amp Advice : to Proceed or not to Proceed ?


I need your help. I might have an opportunity to pick up a Proceed HPA-2 at a very good price. However I have some concerns based on my research on this site. I don't necessarily want to take a gamble with a product that might fail in the near term. I've read about a lot of Proceed amps, especially the HPA series, and AMP5 failing and going into protective mode. The service cost it seems is sometimes as much as the used price of the amp.

Secondly, I am an audiophile in that I want my music to sound good and I care about sound in general. But I am not an audiophile that necessarily wants a dry, extremely resolving system, nor can I afford one on my budget. I am after a slightly warm side of neutral coloration that is easy on the pocket book.

Given that I might be pairing a Proceed AMP with a Proceed PAV and NHT 2.5i speakers, I worry I might be going too sterile (bright, forward, etc) compared to my current setup which I actually quite enjoy. Perhaps a McIntosh would be the better pairing with the Proceed PAV? I've always had a thing for MAC gear. Any other amp suggestions in the $500-$800 range would be welcome.

Thoughts on going for the Proceed? Bad investment? Better options? My other line of thinking is skip the amp purchase for now, get the DAC I have been wanting and keep my Arcam A80 integrated for the meantime. Then down the road get an Amp to pair up with my PAV. That way I have a both a decent analog and digital rig which I can enjoy for the near term until I get a new amp.

Current Setup:
Arcam A80 Int. Amp
Rega P2 / Goldring 1006 / Grado PH-1 Phono Preamp
NHT 2.5i speakers
iTunes server going through a Pioneer HTR for DAC duties

Future Setup:
Proceed PAV for stereo preamp duties
Amplifier X*
Rega P2 / Goldring 1042* / Grado PH-1 Phono Preamp
PS Audio Digital Link III DAC*
iTunes server
NHT 2.5i speakers
*denotes planned purchases
The HPA and even Amp series were basically Mark Levinson amps rebadged with only minimal changes, many in the case. Proceed was started by Madrigal to test their performance in the digital domain before badging it as Mark Levinson, so they needed to round out the line....

I replaced an HPA 3 with an ML 433 and the difference was subtle, I still use my HPA 2 for the surround in my system. Great amp, fairly neutral, though YES you have heard of them failing, these amps are some 15 years old, capacitors fail and expecting more than 10 years from a piece of gear is demanding a lot. That said I have no plans to replace my HPA2, it is an awesome amp!
I think it's about 500 a channel to repair if it does fail.

If you are getting one for 800 that is a pretty good deal.
I had an HPA-3 a while ago and used it in a 2 channel setup. I even disconnected one of the channels to do this. Absolutely loved the sound of the amp but had no need for the 3 channels. I probably would have traded someone straight up for the HPA-2 if that option presented itself.
Be aware though, that thing is heavy. The HPA-3 weighed 82 pounds when I shipped it. Whew, can't believe I picked that thing up. If the price is right, get it.