Amp advice for Thiel cs7

I am running a Classe ca300 on cs7's and am thinking of an amp upgrade to the ca400 (x2-bridged) or possibly tubes. thanks for any thoughts.
KRELL!!! The FPB 400cx will bring out the best in those
speakers, unless of course you can afford the 700cx.
Good luck....Vader
You don't mention budget, or sonic goals that you would like to achieve.

In order of preference (ims) I auditioned the following amps with my CS7.2s. Classe Omega Omicron (my current amp), Classe CAM 350s, McIntosh MC602, Mark Levinson 336, Krell FPB300, and Bryston 7B STs (my previous amp).

If you generally like your CA300 but want a more vivid, lively, and powerful presentation you couldn't go wrong with either the CAM350s or Omicron. The Omicron is more refined, fuller and richer, and noticeably more powerful sounding then the CAM350s.

Tom Munro's rec's are excellent. What IC/power cables are you using? You should be able to extract quite a bit from the CA-300.

peter jasz
Thanks for the info so far. Peter, please excuse my ignorence but I need a little schooling in the IC/power cable area. Thanks