Amp advice for my HT

Ok guys,

I've been using a Meridian 568 for some time now with B&W sig. 805s x 5. My amp is a Rotel 1075. I know it's a "good" amp but I feel it's just not showing me the benefits of the Meridian and B&W's. I've been looking at Krell, McIntosh, and Proceed( the OOB spooks me a bit) and would like some suggestions by anyone in a similar situation.


Hramon doess all the warranty work and repairs for Proceed, yes, they are OOB, but I doubt Harmon will go OOB anytime soon... If you go Proceed, the HPA's would do well for you. Whichever way you go, get a lot of power... B&W's need it, and to my ears they are a little rough in the upper end so don't mate well with Krell amps. Just my opinion, I am sure many differ. Use your ears to decide.
You'll be hsppy with the HP2 or 3's. I loved mine. Actually wish I had done some side by side comparisons first, cause I have no confidence that my Theta Dreadnaught is better!
The biggest improvement Ive had in my system was the amp upgrade. I went from a Rotel 1095 to a Mc207. WOW if every upgrade made that difference Id be refinancing my house again.
James, just a tip regarding Proceed, or any of the older gear that now falls under Harman Specialty Group. HSG has a very poor policy (IMO) regarding repairs for this older gear. They require you to agree to a Not To Exceed value before sending a unit in for repair. They will not do estimates on older gear from these manufacturers that they now "own". The NTE fee varies, but is usually so high that (depending on the current value of the device) it may not even be worth sending in for repair.

While you are correct about Harmon frequently, read always running the bill to the NTE limit, I must admit, they seem to do good work. A good friend of mine has the PAV/PDSD, and when after ten years or so the PAV develeoped a thermal problem. Harmon had him send both back (they wouldn't even accept just the PAV even though it was obviously the problem) They charged him ~$500 for the PAV and ~$800 (actuall total was $1350... can't rememeber which was more) BUT they replaced EVERY capacitor in both units, a new board in the PAV, new RCA connectors, new software, and new power supply.

He had asked me whether to buy a used one of return it, as it was a wash, he opted to return it, and now in hindsight, I think he made the right call. They also got all the work done in about a week, so a quick turnaround time to boot.

I have several Proceed pieces (HPA 2,3, PRE) and after his experience, am not worried about needing to send them back (should they ever go sour on me!)

Ken, I have no doubt at all that HSG will do and does the highest quality work anyone might expect. It's just that it's a tough call when you have to consider the NTE versus the probable value of the piece that may need work. Right now I'm lucky: my PDT3 is working okay, but I dread having to make the decision if that day arrives. When I called recently and got this info I was toying with the idea of sending it in, on the very real chance that whatever stock of transports they have for the PDT3 may run out soon, if it hasn't already.
JWH, I think any of the amps you have listed would work out well. I have used a Classe CAV150(3 years) and now a Theta Dreadnaught with my Meridian 568.2 (upgraded from 568), using thiel speakers. I just know that when I upgraded my amp or source to a higher quality the difference was substantial. Changing cables has much less effect. Also upgrading to the 568.2 was not worth it until meridian came out with the new beta software. There are plenty of amps on the market but when you look at the specs and pricing of the Proceed product it seams hard to beat. I looked long and hard at the amp 5 before I bought the Theta. Good luck.