Amp advice for large great room

Hello all,
My wife and I will be moving out West and bought a home with a 21 x 17 great room with vaulted ceilings. Though my wife is not an audiophile, she asked me if our stereo would be up to the task of filling this room with sound. Like any good husband, I told her that I think we'll need a big amp.

I currently have a (mid-fi at best) Rotel 120 watt amp. I'd love to get some nice Krell, Pass Labs or Levinson monoblocks, but doubt the wife will approve a blank check. I need it to drive a pair of Revel F30 speakers. Does anyone have recommendations at the following budget limits ($2k, $3k, $5k in case the wife feels generous)?

My source is a Rotel cdp, though I'm saving up for a used Wadia or Levinson.

Thanks in advance for all replies.
I recently had a client buy a pair of Levinson Reference 20.5 monoblocks for about $3600. I think it was here on Audiogon. He asked me what I thought--I said buy them. I really liked the 20 series (including the 27 stereo amp) amplifiers and for the money they can be had at they really are a great value.
I have a 19 X 25 room with a 12' vaulted ceiling using a Wadia 861 direct to a FPB 400cx driving Prodigys provides me with all the high quality music one could ask for.
Thanks for the prompt responses. Kenscollick, I've read your thread on your system, and it sounds absolutely perfect! Congratulations on such a sweet system.

I will definitely look into some older used equipment like the Levinson monoblocks. Thanks for the replies.
My last Pre/Pro was the RSP-976 and I still use my RMB-1075 (center and rears). I bought a used Bryston 4B-ST and love it. Lots more power, but more importantly more bass control, more extended highs, better imaging, etc. Really everything improved over the Rotel. All for a paltry $1300.00. If I had to do it again I would put a few hundred with it and get a lightly used 4B-SST. My room is approx. 25x15 with B & W CDM-9NT (90db) and the Bryston has more than enough power.

Now, if I had 3k to spend it would change things. I think it would probably be a Pass Labs that top the list, but, there are lots of amps in this price range and I wouldnt dare spend this amount without being very sure.
California Audio Labs MCA 2500, one of the very best multi-channel amps ever made. 500 watts times 5 into 8ohms. Effortless power and dynamics. On par if not better, I think better, than the Krell 5 channel amps. Can be found on the used market for around 3000.00. Sold new for 7500.00 Cal's out of business but Go-video has plenty of parts and the former Hardware guy from the design team handles repairs. You won't find a better performing amp for the price.