Amp advice - 8008BB versus KSA-100s

Hi everyone,
I am new to the Audiogon forums and this is my first post here...everyone here make this forum a wonderful source of information.
Now here's my question: Which would you choose: A cosmetically clean Aragon 8008BB with no functional issues versus a Krell KSA-100S that is scratched up and not working. I have the 8008BB but am looking for opinions regarding the KSA-100s. This series seems to have conflicting reviews, some like it, some don't. I understand the classic Krells are the KSA-50 and KSA-250 but since this one is available here for about what I'd get for the 8008BB...
I do have skills to replace all caps. I could take it to Alpha Tech after I do that and plug it in there.
Thanks for your replies!
can't help you with the Krell question but if you decide to let go of the 8008BB. I have a pair of electrostatics that are hungry for current.
Thanks for your interest, tgramc. What I like most about the Aragon, apart from the current capability is the way it rendered the mid and top end with Polk Lsi speakers. I happened to stumble on synergy I think. That is also what I prefer - the best mids and treble vs earth shaking bass. I read that the KSA 100s does the top end sweet but bass and dynamics might lack. Can someone who had the KSA please tell me their opinion?