Amp Advice

Of the amps listed below which do you think has the best resolution and high current capability for HT purposes only. I am leaning toward 2 each of the 7.1 citation because I can bridge for more power to front 3 channels.
Thank you for your reply.

PM 1000
Citation 7.1
I own a B&K and have owned an HK Citation.I can tell you the HK does good with regular loads ,but if you have speakers that have weird loads like Magnepans look elsewhere.

I would not look to specs to see what is best to drive a particular speaker.I would rather look at reviews of the speaker in question and the author for the validity of their experience.

B&K's did better at driving Maggies because they are cleaner.Sherbourns I have read are better than when they were Sherwood,but I still would not buy them.

Parasound,B&K and nOrh which is coming out with a new set of Monoblocks which can be had for $400 I would consider.The amp have ample power ratings and have been designed for clean power.Pf what is being said they might be as good as Bernings and if that is the case they are a real steal.

Outlaw are Class D amps if it's the one I am thinking of and is good for Bass amps.Denon is japanese and I won't even go there.ATI I really do not know about.

Good luck!
Anthem will blow these away sonically but has less power than most.