Amp ac cable connection

Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not the 20 amp power cord form my amp should be plugged into my synergistic research conditioner or directly into the wall?  Hearing mixed reviews
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Good to know, michelzay.

I notice you mention modified MPCs. Are you referring to Michael Spallone’s mods? All of my MPCs have been modded by Michael and the improvement over the stock MPC or even the Galileo is phenomenal.

I agree that power products need to be matched to the system, just like power cords. I had a prior version, Powercell 10 Mk II, several years ago and would agree with your assessment of the sound it imparted, but yet it still delivered a huge drop in the noise floor and enhanced soundstaging.

Most manufacturers improve their products over time and this is true with the Powercell. With my system, Thiel CS5i’s with SS pre and SS amp, the more recent Powercell 10 UEF gives me what I feel to be a "just right" sound characteristic. Adding the FEQ module (normally included with the Powercell 10 UEF along with the Element Tungsten Copper active power cord and Teslaflex AC receptable) adds a good bit of transient snap, further lowers the noise floor, and adds several degrees more air and soundstage dimensionality.

I am told by friends whose systems and ears I trust that the new Powercell 12 delivers a good bit more improvement in the aforementioned areas by using Graphene in the power cord, the EM cells, and the power rails.

I will be on the lookout for a used PM2 or Ad6 to try. Your recommendation is meaningful as you have experienced what the best AC enhancement products can do.

Best to you michelzay,
The Shunyata Hydra 2 is designed for high power amps and does not limit the current.
You guys need to check out the PS-10 from  PS Audio. Non current limiting and way more better than the powercell I sold. It is a power regenerator. 

Hi markus1299,

Which Powercell did you have?

Crickets. Hmmm.

henrycai, today, 11/27/16 on the "power conditioner" thread:

"I had 2 different regenerating units from P S Audio in the past, I found them a waste of money, the gentleman bought my last premier PS Audio unit said it did not do anything for him either.....that’s why after awhile you see there big ac regenerating units 50% Off......I can buy there $5,000 units n smaller units now from there dealers for 50% off, I do not feel there worth it......................................................"

I guess opinions vary, markus...