amp A3.2 cr vs amp mf 2250 conrad johnson

can you recommend which one sound better , and why thank you all
It looks like you're struggling with your decision. What happened with the A308cr amp? The c-j is really nice and musical. Either the c-j or the A308cr will be a nice step up.

One thing to think about though, the job of the amp is to do nothing but amplify the signal to feed it to the speakers. Stepping up with the power amp is a good idea, but what are you trying to achieve?

The job of each piece of equipment is to retrieve what is on the record or CD. That's it, to let you hear what the artist recorded. When you say which sounds better, are you trying to color or uncolor what you're hearing.

Have you thought about doing what I did, going to a good tube pre-amp like the Herron, c-j, whatever and the A308cr amp? You read in your last thread about what the salesman at Sound By Singer told me.

It sounds like you're in the same boat as me as well as a lot of others, not being able to get to a place where you can sit down and actually listen to the equipment for yourself. It's rough when that's the case.
i love a308 cr too much , but some one offer me 1350 dollars for conrad john mf 2500 , i think it is good for price is not it , and upscale audio sell 2400 dollars for the brandnew a308 cr , is it true or not , i do love musical fidelity sound, it is the best i can tell , i have been listen alot of different gear and more money too but finnaly musical is my winner , thank you for your input