Amp (<10k$) for Thiel CS7.2s

I am currently driving my Thiel CS7.2s using Bryston 7B ST monoblocks (in parallel mode). The 7Bs provide the kind of current and power that the CS7.2s thrive on and overall sound quite good. However, after auditioning some of the top SS amps over the last few months I know that the Thiels can offer even better sound and performance. Specifically in the areas of soundstage, tonal color, richness, detail, delicacy, and dynamics. To date I have auditioned at home (and would rank in order of preference) the ML336, McIntosh MC602, Classe CAM350 monos, and the Krell FPB300. I want to stick with solid state for practicality and the fact that the Thiels are also the L/R channels in a HT setup. Any comments on experience with the above amps or others that I may not have considered, especially used w/Thiels, would be appreciated.
I would strongly recommend an amp by Classe. I have a Classe 300 and have used it with the MCS-1,2.3 the CS 7's and now the CS 6's. Classe and Thiel sound GREAT together and I would also recommend Audio Research pre-amp and MIT speaker cables. If you look back through Stereophile you will find alot of these combo's at the big shows and they always do well. I have seen some Classe 400's on the market and they are nice bot if you can get the Classe Omega you would never look back! See if you can get a local dealer to lend you a Classe amp and listen for yourself as everyone hears differently. Good Luck!
I heard the Big Thiels sound wonderful with a dcs 24/192 front end driven by Goldmund amps (at Audio Consultants in Evanston, IL).
Classe Omicron on used market about $ 6500, can't beat it even with a stick...or if you have more casholla try Omega for $8000 used. Tommy
I would look at Pass amps, most notably the X-350, there is a new in the box on Audiogon for $7,500...retails for $9,000. A writer for TAS, Anthony Cordesman uses 7.2s with the Pass X-600 as his reference. Pass Labs gives you tube sound with solid state reliability.
I have Thiel 6's and a Krell FPB200. I have found the Krell to be “very interconnect dependant”. The more expensive the wire, the worse it sounded. I ended up using some Radio Shack mic cable, why did have that cable; it’s a long story. After finding the right interconnects the detail, soundstage and all the things a good amp can offer are there. “Life is Good”. Can't say much regarding any other amp on you list.