Amo Experiences with Thiel CS6s?

I'm looking to buy new amp(s) for my CS6s. Considering the usuals: Krell, Classe, ML, the new Pass's. Would love to hear of other's experiences with these very demanding, yet potentially satisfying speakers. I do like the ability to play a realistic volume levels and my listening room exceeds 9,000 cubic feet. My front end is Wadia 270/27ix driving amps directly (15k Ohm output impedance). Thanks!
Hi, you no doubt know these are terrific speakers. In a large enough room, they have a coherence and dynamic sound that is startlingly real. One of the best setups I've hear included the CS6 and Ayre amps. I don't know if these are made anymore, but they have a warmth that benefited the Thiel tweeter are well worth seeking out on the used market. Nirvana cable sounds very good with this combo. Enjoy!
I currently drive my CS7.2s with Bryston 7Bs, and have been looking for an amp that will improve on the 7Bs without sacrificing the large scale dynamics that the 7Bs are capable of. If your budget is tight the 7Bs are quite satisfying and very capable at driving both the CS6s and CS7.2s. I've tried the ML336, Classe CAM350, MCIntosh MC602, and Krell FPB300. The Mac is very powerful, but to colored sounding, the Krell is dynamic but ultimately uninspiring, YMMV. I liked the sound of the ML336 and Classe CAM350 with the Thiels. The Classe is a little more vivid sounding with subjectively more extended treble, and has a well balanced presentation top to bottom. The ML336 is fuller sounding with subjectively more extended bass, an excellent hi rez sound stage, and generally a more relaxed presentation. The ML336 also sounded like the stronger amp, and out of the four amps I've tried may work best in your large room. I haven't had an opportunity to try one of the Pass X series amps. I've also seen some favorable pricing on the Classe Omega and Omicron amps which would make a good match with the big Thiels. Within my budget I'm considering the Classe Omicron.
I've auditioned 6's with the Ayre components (pre amp and amp). Very Nice.

I purchased some 7's and am driving them with a ML 336. Also very nice !!