Amiron Wireless vs Schitt dac/amp + T1?

My good ol’ Marantz HD Dac-1 starts showing a problem, so I’m considering something new.

My current headphone is beyerdynamics T1.

option #1
- Schitt Magni 3+ and Modi Multibit- and keep using T1- I have Cdt with plenty of cds to listen, so I can live with toslink cable connection- Don’t know about Schitt sound quality.

option #2
- Go for Beyerdynamics Amiron Wireless- I have iPhone / iPad, so AAC codec is what I have- I only care about Sound Quality(home use only)- Since it’s wireless, I understand that it’s something less than T1+Wired set, but don’t know about schitt’s performance. Also its convenience definitely appeals to me. - I kind of read mixed reviews on this headphone even about the sound quality

What would you suggest?

Is it time to go for wireless?
Or still better stay wired?

If you know any wireless headphone that sounds better than Amiron, please share the experience.

Thank you.

If sound quality is Job 1 I wouldn’t go wireless yet, and you’ve got good ‘phones in the T1s IMO.  Not sure why you’re looking to replace the Marantz with something about half the price.  I’d take a look at the Singxer SDA-2 amp/DAC that could actually make a significant improvement over your DAC-1, although that’s a personal thing so who knows.  Just another idea, and best of luck.