AMG V12 vs SME 20/12

Any thoughts or any one lucky enough to hear both?

Thanks in advance

Personally I would take the AMG, I think it is a better design, but I think there are even better sounding tables for less money and for a bit more than either of these tables.

The SME is not a great sounding table, its days of being king of the hill are over.
Audiooracle, how would you describe the sound of the SME 20/12? Could you elaborate on your opinion about SME? Thanks.
Please know that Audiooracle is a dealer who does not carry SME. Need I say more???
I kind of figured. I thought I would ask anyway.
I've heard the SME 20/12, 30/12 and used to own a 20/2. I also recently heard a AMG V12. So none of these were in the same systems so I can't draw any conclusions for you...

I will say each of them make beautiful music. At the top end, I am not sure you can really beat a 30/12...In the price range of the 20/12 and AMG V12, the Grand Prix Audio Monaco with a Triplanar arm (or other arm of your choice) is something to consider possibly...

One thing about SME is they've been around for years and a very stable company...

I am proponent of spending as much on the table/arm as you can...

What's the rest of your system?
I currently have a Brinkmann Bardo (all options)/ 10.5 arm/ Per Winfield used with a Bryston BP26/BP1.5/14BSST2 and Focal Utopia Scala's. I'm happy with it just getting bored.
Honestly, I'd be reluctant to sell your seem to have a pretty great set up...

What cables and power conditioning? Any isolation racks/shelfs/footers?

I've heard the higher Grand Utopia I know your speakers are very good...

Depending on your cables/conditioning/isolation I might suggest electronics next...maybe try a tube phono stage or preamp...
Nothing too too high-end cable wise, I have a solid tech stand with the top HRS platform for the table. My 14B goes straight to the wall the rest Through a big Bryston /Torus BIT conditioner.
I'm with Jfrech. Try auditioning a tube phono stage or preamp at home. Either would give you a new window into your system; and you could always roll tubes to alleviate future boredom. I use a VAC pre-amp with my Bryston amps and like the synergy. I also have a Brinkmann DD, an Oasis.
So I guess no one has heard both........Anyways thanks for the replies.

Or how about this, anyone compare the top Bardo all options with the 10.5 against an AMG or SME 20/12?

Not sure about the AMG but the SME would allow me to upgrade to an MC Anna, may be a bit much for my 10.5.
Is there more than one version of the Bardo, or did you mean to ask about the
top Brinkmann turntable? I have heard the Bardo in two systems as well as the
Brinkmann Balance. I preferred the Balance.
Is there more than one version? well sort of yes, there are options like the glass/ stainless mat with clamp and a better power supply.

I should hope the Balance sounds better!
Well, some people prefer direct drive to belt drive. It depends on the implementation. So, I'm not certain everyone will prefer the sound of the Balance to the Bardo. I have read that the tubed power supply is an improvement, though.
How did the AMG/SME thread turn Brinkmann...;-D
There is a logical relationship since AMG does much of the custom machining of parts used in Brinkmann tables.
The OP asked about the Brinkmann Bardo down the thread on 9/9/13.
Ended up buying the SME 20/12 but with V12 arm. Couldn't hold off on my dream cartridge, the Ortofon MC Anna. Just picked one up 2 days ago.

What a wonderful sounding record player, love it.
People have sold sme 30 to buy the Bardo before so this is a strange move. Better to put the Anna on a bardo. The 10.5 is significantly better than the V in every respect bar one (lack of treble zing).

Have you considered PMC speakers to go with your bryston kit? You will find its a big advance on the focal and match the bryston well. Go for an IB2 at least
Did you try the anna on the bardo? or the winfield on the SME?