American Music Club Band --A Recommendation

After 10 years, the San Francisco band American Music Club has reunited, and released what I think is their strongest album to date. They are making their way around the US, and I highly recommend seeing them. My wife and I went to the first show on their tour last week in SF, and wished we could get in a van and follow them for the tour. They were amazing.

You can hear their music (Nick Cave-ish, alternative, introspective, somber rock) at
Certainly not for everyone, but if you have the inclination, go see them. Mark Eitzel's voice live is absolutely haunting.
In related news (see Matador) Interpol is also touring and are very good at it. Too short of a set and tickets cost double that of AMC, but the playing is tight and they draw a lot of cool people.
One of my favourite bands,travelled to London to see them earlier in the year.
Boa2-your not on the Firefly mailing list are you?

Anyway to echo Boa2's point Love Songs For Patriot's is great.
I am not on the Firefly mailing list, Ben_campbell. I'll look into that. I had bought tickets two months in advance for the SF show, and then we found out that Kings X was playing the same night. They are my wife's favorite band. I asked that we see AMC for 4-5 songs, and then head over to the other venue. Well, after 4 songs, 5 songs, etc., my wife wanted to stay. AMC has achieved a cohesiveness and strength in their playing as a group that very few bands do. Although, I would have to say the same for Kings X, who is one amazing band with the very ultimate in musicianship. Too bad that both bands were playing on the same night!

All the best,
Just heard from Mark Eitzel, lead singer of AMC. They are playing a benefit for a friend of his who had an aneurysm on the 16th of December, at The Bottom of the Hill, in San
We'll be there!