American made Subwoofer

Does anyone know of a few subwoofers, say between 1 and 3 grand, that is made in America? I'm not looking for some company that re-badges a product made somewhere else. Only an honest to goodness American company making high-quality subwoofers for both two-channel or home theater.
Thank You
I don't know if you're going to find a 100% American made sub in this day and age. My Selah Audio comes pretty close. Built in NC, using an amp from Texas, but the Peerless woofer is a foreigner.
Musicman07: I suspect you are right. At least one part or another of most subs is going to be contracted out. I'd thought I'd give it a try though. I would be interested - and I'll bet others as well - in your thoughts on your Selah Whomp sub.
Two subs made in America are the Zu Mini Method and the larger Zu Method .... (Ogden Ut) anyone have an opinion on either one?
you have got some great rec'd here and dont think you could lose with the aci, zu or vandys. I have not heard many but do enjoy my TBI sub a great deal.

Id be curious as to where REL makes their stuff.