American made Subwoofer

Does anyone know of a few subwoofers, say between 1 and 3 grand, that is made in America? I'm not looking for some company that re-badges a product made somewhere else. Only an honest to goodness American company making high-quality subwoofers for both two-channel or home theater.
Thank You
Timrhu:The day I posted this thread, I spoke with someone at James and they said a little over a year ago they changed the supplier of their amps .... changing the source to China. A few seconds later after I specifically asked where they were made and he said the entire EMB sub was now made in China. Which doesn't sit well with me. I'd rather buy American, no matter how good the sub is, and the James EMB are very good. IF I'm wrong, or the information was communicated improperly, I would appreciate it if someone would please correct me. Personally, I really liked the James sub, however, I just think with so many other good subs made in America, why buy anything else. (Personal preference) builds subwoofers in WI. Since custom we can match finish build to size or budget.
SVS is made in America and only available online. They are a great value and sound terrific. I have the 16-46 on my AV system