American Idol, the fems

Did anyone else enjoy the performances from some of these girls last night? Katherine Macphee blew me away from her first audition singing God bless the child, and there were 4 or 5 great perfomances last night. After the last 5 years of clueless and talentless vapid pop teens like Bittney and gang it was refreshing to hear some poised and talented singers some young as 16 performing live in front of millions so well. Hopefully this need breed of rising stars will finally kill this " stupid girl " image that has dominated mainstream music over the last few years. Any comments? JMHO
Yeah, I enjoyed it also. Katherine Mcphee, Paris Bennett, Lisa Tucker, Mandissa, and Kellie Pickler were a nice change.

I doubt he'll win because the young viewers who vote probably won't vote for him; but I think Taylor Hicks on the guys side is the one unique, true, and complete artist on the show. I do think he will benefit for being there.

All lot of them are very young and will develop more as they get older.
I didn't have the patience to sit through the entire show, but there did seem to be some impressive talent... that's good to know.
Hey, Britney has talent, but it sure isn't singing, and can't be printed in a family publication :-)
It is so interesting how Idol makes you appreciate the talent of the established singers. When you hear these folks, some that are pretty good, you realize how phenomenal the originals are. There are definetely some good ones. I'd like to see Kellie Pickler do well, she seems to be pushing herself a little too much at this stage.
I was really surprised by the talent of some of the girls. Some of them I wanted to be good, but they really didn't cut it.

I'm not a typical viewer of television, or reality TV shows, BUT some of these people are worthy of the air time.
I'm putting money on Lisa Tucker to go the distance. I also like Taylor Hicks a lot.
Not so good tonight.