AMERICAN BEAUTY by the Grateful Dead

Is this album availible on premium quality vinyl pressing?
yes, the mofi pressing is catalog no. mfsl1-014. you should be able to find a used copy at good record shops or on ebay. BTW, "....from the mars hotel" was also pressed by mofi (mfsl 1-172). -kelly
mfsl oop half speed market 30.-50.
nice material. find myself hummin box of rain every so often. kurt
kelly is correct, and the mfsl version of American Beauty is excellent
The "Geen Label" Warner Bros. first pressing is the one you want. The MFSL version is not as good (I own both). Jerry's acoustic guitar is much better represented on the first pressing. If you cannot find a mint copy, the MFSL is pretty good.
BTW, the MFSL Mars Hotel, mentioned above by Kelly, IS better than the (1976) original issue
i'm with frap on both points. the first edition german and dutch pressings of american beauty are also worth a search, or three. -kelly
Know you already are hip to the trip,but in case your vinyl wears thin,check out some of Dick's picks on CD.
Dick's Picks are mixed down significantly from the board. Suggest finding direct digital to the vault and to the board. Kicks Dick's Picks butt. Ask around. They exist. And ditto on the green label Am. B.