American Audio

Even if audio is a global thing, good ’ole USA is still there:

PS Audio -not terribly expensive, excellent-sounding gear
Benchmark, Sanders -innovative amps, no nose-bleed prices
Cables/cords -Transparent, High Fidelity, Synergistics, Cardas, Kimber, Audioquest. More brands than anywhere on Earth.
Klipsch, JBL -still after 75 years, horns no longer ’sound’ like horns
Emerald Physics/Spatial -new takes on horn/waveguides. Like Klipsch, all-American incl parts
Vandersteen, Joseph, Ryan -the cone speaker keeps getting better
Component/speaker stands -Symposium, Critical Mass, Star Sound
ASC -room acoustics

It’s a confusing world of ear-buds, computer & car audio. And tech-general like the internet. But quality 2-chan audio is around and it’s more than I thought....

Don't forget Salk Sounds. Outstanding speakers.
"Audio"? High end is dominated by U.S.A. brands, and always has been. Infinity, ESS, and Magnepan---all loudspeaker makers---were started in the late-60's. Richard Vandersteen---about as American as you can be---is a sterling example of how to design and build loudspeakers.

Minnesotan Bill Johnson instigated the high end revolution in electronics with the introduction of his tube designs in 1970,  and his products were actually fairly affordable in the 70's. Mark Levinson and Dave Wilson had a different vision: Price no object! Harry Pearson followed suit in his TAS magazine, setting in motion the notion (hey look, I'm a poet ;-) that higher price ipso facto bought one higher quality.  
Coda has been around since The 90s and still going strong  , Bricasti audio Pass labs ,Boulder mRogue audio ,Vac ,            Audio research upper end McIntosh ,Just to name a few 
Wilson audio , YG Acoustics, Magico ,Alta Audio , Salk Audio ,Spatial audio , Omega audio.
wireworld , Audioquest. Tara labs, Purist Audio Stealth Audio ,Shunyata, Analysis plus cables , there are far more worthy. Companies , which is great to see made in U.S.A which I try to support speakers maybe only exception ,possibly the MBL120-126 stand mints with subs I have my 👁 on ,happy 🎶 listening.
Honorable mentions: Bel Canto, VPI, Modwright, Linear Tube Audio. Good stuff!
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