american acoustic speakers

has anyone heard these cool looking speakers, and if so, with what associated equipment? thanks for the replys!
I haven't but... I've been watching this thread hoping that someone has. I actually know of a dealer in my area who sells these. I'll go down and take a listen tomorrow and let you know what I think.
Here is something I got from
These speakers are listed under AAD:
These are five star, reference caliber loudspeakers.
Wonderfully transparent. Clean, crisp, almost visual soundstage. Superb bass response given their size.
They easily fill a room with extraordinary sound. You'll stay up late at night just to sit and listen to the old
records or cds in your collection that you had almost forgotten about - and marvel at how good they
sound. As an added bonus, they good looking, with real rosewood exteriors.
These speakers require a good amp - at least 100wpc, in my opinion.
They are leaps and bounds above any other small monitor I have listened to, and at least the
equal of most full size speakers that cost (in some cases) many times more
Unfortunately the dealer sold out of these about two months ago and doesn't intend to continue selling them. Hmmm... Makes you wonder. The speakers are BEAUTIFUL! Some of their lower lines won awards at this years CES. For the most information I can come up with, check this link:American Acoustic Speakers Website