America's Tragedy: a Solemn Anniversary

We hope everyone visiting this site will join us in taking a moment to remember the victims of the horrible tragedy two years ago. Our thoughts are with the families of the innocent victims, and the many heroes of that fateful day.

Here is one link to some of the events and observances scheduled throughout the country: events

Please feel free to share your thoughts and links in this thread.

we in israel understand you best. Yesterday 14 innocent people were butchered by muslims ( more than 1500 people butchered since 1994 by muslims-during peace talks!!).
God help all of us to end the killings in our streets, may the souls rest in peace, amen.
Nice post - hard to believe your account was cancelled.

As with those people on 9/11/01, and Warren Zevon this week, all our days are numbered. Maybe in honor of those people, we could ACT like it and spend at least a part of our time making the world a little bit better for having had us a part of it.
Unbelievable who ever you are you should feel as small as the cowards who commit terrorism.

All civil nations must work together to stop this senseless killing where ever we may live. Living in the USA and in particular NY this day has been etched in my memory and probably will remain that way for the rest of my life.
May we NEVER, EVER, EVER forget!!!

Thank you Audiogon for keeping the flame of vigilance burning brightly., you are a ignorant, SMALL person. Please do not remove this graffiti, Audiogon. Rather, leave it so that we all may witness the desperation of a child, who does not have the courage to use his own name, trying to use a most solemn moment for his own personal grudge. Instead only embarrassing himself and those who raised him in the process. Never have I witnessed a more inappropriate action on Audiogon. It's fine that you have a problem with Audiogon, voice it in any thread other than this one!
I will commemorate this minute and day with all my heart and love for those who suffered from this act of terrorism.
The tragedy, however, is in the fact that the victims' relatives have to fight (hopelessly) for the fields on ground zero where the towers stood to have a place where they can pray and leave flowers or just can be near their loved ones who were just GONE without any trace. BUT the damned money will prevent this as Mr Libeskind had to announce with shrugging shoulders. Another tragedy is the administration, the government. Nothing has changed, no war was won, no goal was achieved, the hate has grown even more and the leaders still waffle about a front against terrorism. That's tragic! So let's include those "innocent" soldiers in our prayers today who lost their lives for nothing - just like those in the towers and the Pentagon.
Stop, if only for a minute, to remember. Mourn the loss of innocent people regardless of their nationality or religious affiliation. Slaughter in the name of God, Allah, faith, or ideaology is the world's curse.

Questioning: You are a loser. It's is people (and I use the term loosely) like you that make the world a bitter place sometimes. Take some anger management classes. I only hope and pray that my family does not live near you. I would hate to share the road with someone who is so angry. If this was only a troll designed to provoke, congratulations, it worked. At least the decent, intelligent people who frequent this forum don't have to deal with you on a regular basis anymore.
To Aida:
Your frustration is understanded, but, realize that the seeds of democracy are always planted with the souls of those who fight for it. Until the hearts and minds of the radical islamists are changed we will have too many tributes to horrific acts to memorialize. The goal in Iraq is to start a wave of change in the region so that civility and open thinking can take root. It is sad and unfortunate that men women and children have to lose their lives before this change can happen . Think about this before you decry our governments actions.
My heart goes out to everyone affected by the terrorist actions on 9/11 two years ago. To the surviving family members I wish peace. To the dead I wish salvation. To the many police, firefighters and voluteers that gave so much of themselves after this attack I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those that gave money to help in the rebuilding effort I applaud you. I especially want to thank those fine young men and women in our armed forces who place themselves in harms way so that we remaining in this country can have the freedom to make the most (or least) of our freedom of speech.

This thread will undoubtedly degenerate into an attack on the current administration. While I don't consider such attacks anti-American and may agree with many of the complaints registered here at Audiogon I do find it troubling that censorship raises its ugly head at this site. There are no guidelines regarding political postings at this site. Threads that degenerate into mere name calling are allowed to continue throughout the "today" page only to later disappear myteriously. This site may be a fine bunch of code, no doubt. The above poster may have deserved to have an account canceled. But, the Audiogon staff exercises their "editorial rights" to the extent that this member has lost respect for them. It is the equivalent of cyber book burning. Even in the serious discussions about equipment individual posts are removed so that a favored member ends up enjoying a larger voice than deserved.

Audiogon, I urge you to let voices be heard through these pages and to archive for all to see what was said throughout the unfolding of history. Each of us should have to live with what we have written. Whether you believe it or not, someday historians will dig into these cyber artifacts in an attempt to understand what happened and how we reacted. Future history is now being rewritten through the delete key.
Well said Schpundle
As a few of you know, I worked for Marsh (MMC) on the 95th floor of the North Tower. I had been transferred to NYC from Princeton, NJ only months before. Everyone I shared the hallway with in Princeton perished. They were truly the best people I've ever worked with. Sadly for all of us at AudioGon this included my best friend and audiophile Jeff Robinson. His youngest, twin daughters, had just started kindergarten that day. He also has two older boys. The oldest (6th grade at the time) did not miss a day of school throughout this horror because, as he said, "Dad wants me to go". I've met wives, husbands, ... but I only really worry for all these children. This disaster has weighed on me everyday. Can you imagine how it effects them. I can't.
The attacks on 9/11 will forever weigh on us, in our thoughts and the fact the freedom we took for granted in the Western world has been compromised. Look around you, beyond this senseless act of cowardice; consider the slaughter throughout Africa, the constant killing in the Middle East and South America. The world has certainly seen better days. What can we learn from all this? An act of kindness daily, no matter how small it may seem, can only help. Feels good too.
Always remember the tragedy that occurred on 9/11. Pray for those whose lives were lost, and their loved ones who also suffer from their losses.

Also remember that tragedies are commonly used as springboards for political gain and control measures. Let's support a measured approach to dealing with this problem, and not an emotional one. Especially as regards the limiting of our God given rights to freedom. Limiting Americans' freedoms is not the solution to terrorist threats from abroad.
My wife and I will pray for all those who departed and their loves ones. Pray for God's blessings, grace and for there to be peace and harmony always. God Bless.
I remember that day as though it were yesterday.
My thoughts are with those families that have suffered, especially the children.

It is a sad and solemn day. 9-11 is this era's Pearl Harbor, and will always be remembered as such.

While it may be true that some will use this opportunity to criticize the current administration, it is equally true that this administration willfully and cynically used 9-11 to advance its own goals. The most recent polls show that 70 percent of Americans believe Saddam Hussein was connected to the 9-11 tragedy, even though no connection has ever been established (just as no weapons of mass destruction have been found). Why is that? It is because the president used 9-11 as a basis for generating support for the war in Iraq. In every speech, press release, and gesture, it was the president himself who drew this connection indelibly in the minds of Americans. In the meantime, we have John Ashcroft shredding the Constitution in the name of 9-11, with the nerve to call it the "Patriot Act," we have the president's minions and Fox news commentators telling us every day that anyone who dissents is a traitor and a friend to the terrorists, and we have a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans while piling up deficits as far as the eye can see. We have a president dressing up in Top Gun garb for a photo op to celebrate winning a war in which we have suffered more casualties since declaring victory than we did during the war itself. We have been asked for 87 billion dollars without so much as a hint of a real plan or exit strategy in Iraq. Two years after the fact, Bin Laden is still at large. So is Saddam.

I'm sorry, but it is the administration that has politicized this tragedy. As Americans, we should all remember the victims and treat this day with proper reverence. As Americans, we should also think critically, behave responsibly, and hold our leaders accountable when they stray from our principles. We must preserve our freedoms and demand the truth.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims of 9/11.
As we remember the loss of all of those innocents murdered on September 11, 2001, and celebrate their lives, let us not forget all of those who went before them, and will go in the future, voluntarily, fighting to preserve our freedom and way of life. We should honor them daily in the manner in which we use these liberties. My prayer is that more can find it in their mind and heart to do so.
This will always be remembered as a day of immense tragedy and one that, as a New Yorker, will rank among the saddest of my life. However, we should also remember that it was hatred and vindictiveness that led to the horrid acts of 9/11, and not repeat the same mistakes. "Us against Them" is an outdated and destrutive concept; we must move together as a world in order to achieve the peace and stability that will keep this from ever happening again.
You can read many Arab newspapers on line, AOL has this feature under world news. They have not to good an opinion of the United States on the front pages and pretty much slam this country to their people in print. The internet has been a real eye opener to me on the Us/Them way of thought and it does not look good for the future in my book or the real book if you care to read it.

More than that.
It's the World's Tragedy.

Let's not group all Muslims together as terrorists eh Zionist53. Perhaps you din't intend to and it just sounds that way. ISIAIA

I remain
A great day to remember what hatred did to 3000 innocents... and to remember the innocent people throughout the world killed by a) similar acts or b) responses to said acts. May they be remembered in a manner that cherish their best days and learn from their passing.

Comments by Zionist53 demonstrate the anger continued acts of terror cause. However, Israelis, Americans, Palestinians, South Koreans, North Koreans, and all other entities should also reflect on the pain they too have caused to innocents. While I feel their sorrow, I condone everyone's unwillingness to make concessions to find peace despite the terrible atrocities terror and war cause. Politicizing either terror or war in light of the hearts they both shatter is in itself terrifying. Pluralistic peaceful solutions surely exist that reflect the reality of the world's differing perspectives.
The greatest honor we could pay to the women, men and children who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, is to answer the call to be better citizens. Go home and shake your neighbor's hand. Be charitable to someone who needs help. Tell your family how much you love them. PRAY for the 9/11 victims and their families. Maybe this will be the starting point for a better tomorrow?
Could somebody please remove the ad from Audiogon's home page that uses the term "Twin Towers" to advertise amplifiers? NOBODY should use this tragedy for their own gain.
It's the sound of the tower falling and the people yelling that I could never forget
Thanks Audiogon. The families of the victims are in my prayers on a regular basis. I am proud to be a member of this audio community. I was overwhelmed with joy to see the photo and the request of remembrance for the victims. Bravo A'gon.

As some of you may know, my tongue hardly ever overstays its visit with my cheek. I confess, I am itching to let my feelings flow on some of the above comments. But above all, I honor those lost and feel this day is for remembrance.

God Bless the USA.
As we mourn for those lost on 9/11, please take time to embrace those close to us and remember how fortunate we all are!
God bless the US
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A moment of silence and a solemn prayer for those families enduring the loss of their love ones.
God bless this day and all the days ahead of us.
The tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001 was one of the most terrible events in modern history
I cannot write out the pain in my heart.
forgive me.
I drive past the WTC site everyday. Today there was only one lane open and I stopped to hear the names being read by the kids. I lost my brother-in-law, cousin John (firefighter company 3), five friends that I have known since the 4th grade and saw every month. I cried like a baby today, really cried my eyes out. I was two blocks away when the first tower fell and was covered in so much dust that I could not see my hands in front of my face. I had 2" of dust on my suit and shoes. I can still see the people jumping out of the windows. It had to be really bad when the only choice you have is to jump from 100 stories up.

Maybe our country has some very poor policies, maybe we even have our favorites and maybe some of our practices are bad but I cannot imagine how bad we are to have caused the attacks. We also do so much good by giving more that any other country to these nations. Hey I don't really know and will never understand completely but that day really sucked and always will.

To all you who are remembering here on Agon, and especialy the new friends I have met here and have not had the pleasure to meet personally, I wish you much love to you and your families.

Peter Rippa
Hey Y'all,

I live in a small section of Manhattan called Inwood. We lost about 25 people in the attack. I personally lost classmates, playmates and dear friends. Most notably Bruce A. Reynolds and Damien Meehan. These two gentlemen I had known since we where children and I can't believe they are gone. They were two of the finest people I've ever had the privilege of meeting in my life. I write this with tears on my face and great pain in my heart because this should have never happened. My prayers go out all of the families that are missing loved ones on this, the saddest day I've ever known. Thank you, Audiogon, for giving me a place to let this out........John
Pete, you have my deepest sympathy, may God be with you and the rest of the families and friends of this horrifying reminder. My near-miss apartment building fire last Saturday was NOTHING compared to this, that's for sure. Your Friend at Audiogon,
I wanted to respond to this earlier today, but I could not do it at the time. It has been a very emtional day.

What did these terrorists hope to accomplish? Are the terrorists still around, or left behind pleased with the results of these actions?

People who have read my posts in the past know I am not a 'peace at all costs' person. I know there is a time and a place for war, but it breaks my heart to see the pointless and continued murder taking place around the world.

The Bible is right, "people say, peace, peace, but there is no peace."


My heart goes out to all whom suffered loss on 9/11 and on the following days. People like Todd Bemert(?) and those with him, and the firefighters, and policemen who died that day are great men and women, and the world is a poorer place without them!
I will always remember the firefighters, police officers and volunteers, who risked, and gave, their lives trying to save others.
PAUL ZOIS,great friend and family man was always there for my older brother/was like a brother/family to us.May GOD comtinue to bless his wife,son and daughter.
"G O D B L E S S A M E R I C A"

It's sad that hatred and racism should be expressed in this topic, sad that censorship is needed here. I can only wonder what was in the posts that were erased, but I am offended by the racist remarks by Zionist53 that still remain here. Hatred and racism create violence and terror...if we could only see each other as individual human beings perhaps the killing would end.
Tonnesen, NEWSFLASH--->all the terrorist where MUSLIMS. That is not to say all Muslims ARE terrorist. Big distinctinion.

Make that were, so much for proofing. Submit-as-is wins again. =0
That's exactly my point, Stacy, there is a big distinction. Let's not make racial/ethnic/religious stereotypes. I appreciate the fact that Audiogon is simply about music, it would be sad if we start getting flame wars between bigots.
It was an ATTACK, not a tragedy.

If one is saddened by the event, then it is a TRAGEDY to that person.

It is a TRAGEDY to most of us here it would seem ASSHOLE.
It seems that my prediction expressed above has come true as this thread has "degenerated to mere name calling" in the previous post. I hope Audiogon doesn't kit the delete key again. Let's keep this one around for posterity.
"It is a TRAGEDY to most of us here it would seem ASSHOLE."
Nice one Dekay.

Glad you agree. Substitute "act of treason" for attack" and I'll agree with you (and yes, I am a US born citizen in case your are wondering).
I didn't say I agree with your profanity. You don't have to agree with me on what you consider this event. It's okay.