AMC Tube Amplifiers

Can anyone share any experiences, good or bad, about any AMC tube amplifiers. They seem like good values and are sold at discounts. While I like bargains, discounts sometimes make me wonder....
The only potential downside I know of is when you need new tubes. I think the tubes come hard wired to a plug in board, so you have to buy that instead of picking up any replacement tube. Soundwise I have heard lots of good things about them for the price. You can check for deals and demos at Northampton Audio/Spearit Sound website.
AMC can put sockets on the board and sockets are available in most configurations for self improvement if you can handle a soldering iron and watch power capacitors. Alot of TV repair shops can do it too
Thanks for your input.
The amp I was looking at has the tube sockets installed so that won't be an issue. I have only heard their tube integrated amp a few years ago and it sounded pretty good- very rich. I am more concerned about heat and reliability. I would be doing this to switch from monoblocks to a stereo amp (inserted in a cabinet) and eliminate some clutter and wires from my floor. I have been trying to talk myself into getting a solid state amp, but just can't bring myself to do it. The AMC might be a good compromise.
One of the best bangs for the buck for a solid state amp that comes close to tubes is the Audio Refinement Complete integrated made by YBA. New about $1,000, used $600+
joe b, here's a shameless plug for a s/s amp if ya like toobs - i have an older electrocompaniet aw100 that i'm asking $800 for here on a-gon (orig retail - $2400)- as i have gotten little interest, i'm willin' to entertain reasonable offers... ;~) i'm currently using a matched pair of electro amps in a wertically bi-amped set-up. this will have to do until i can afford the purchase, care-n-feeding of a pair of melos mat-180's... ;~)

regards, doug s.

ps - while i have no direct experience w/yba, like sugarbrie sez, this company also has the reputation of toob-like s/s...

Joe b, I have to disagree with Sedond on both of his points. First, I don't find Electrocompaniet or YBA tubelike to my ear. But, I do find both fabulous. And second, he was not making a shameless plug. That Electrocompaniet amp of his is such a steal at $800 that the only reason I can come up with as to why no one has bought it yet is people are afraid they would be arrested if they bought it. Wonderful sound. Refinement is the word I have to come up with when thinking about the sound of Electrocompaniet. I really like the AMC sound, especially their tube amps. I think of them as continuing along the lines of NAD when that company seemed to lose its focus and direction. Their tube products can be a good deal, IF you pay a low price for them. There are enough cheap used tube amps that are better to consider before AMC. Namely Golden Tube, Jolida, and Rogue. But like I said, if you want a KILLER amp, buy Sedond's Electrocompaniet. Several steps up the ladder from AMC.
I second Trelja's opinion.
joe, be careful - i tink these guys may be being nice to me cuz they're tired of me plugging my amp f/s, every oppurtunity i can get... ;~) and, i guess trelja's right - it's not that the amps are toob-like, it's more like: those who prefer toob amps also seem to count these among the few s/s amps they also enjoy...

doug s.

Thanks everyone.
The price I would pay for the AMC is about 50% of retail for a brand new unit, which is what attracted my attention.
The Audio Refinement is nice sounding but does not have enough watts for my needs. I have also heard the 70 watt YBA amp drive my speakers and it sounds good, but not as rich as my tube amps.
The electrocomp. is interesting but may not work with my speakers. I have heard that amp sound absolutely great, but it was with speakers that are much more revealing than mine. I borrowed one many years ago and it didn't work right with my stuff-no reflection on the amp. You certainly have it priced attractively. I will try and contact you by e-mail.
Duddy-I'll give you $2500 for the amp!!!
sorry joe, looks like davie beat ya to it - w/*that* much $$$, now i can get those melos amps i lust after... ;~)
This is too rich for me; looks like I lost another good deal!