AMC 2100 amps - what's your great bang for the $?

I run a SF Power 2 tube amp and frankly the heat output is intolerable during the summer months. I prefer not to run AC daily given electricity costs in Conn is very high. So, I just acquired a mint PAIR of AMC 2100 (look similar to NAD gear) amps for $210 shipped to be used for the summer. They have input level input adjustments, line level pass through RCAs for bi-amping, and can be bridged. They consume only 20 watts per amp at idle and run very cool. I tried one amp in 2 channel mode to power my friends Maggies and they did not break a sweat. Obviously detail, bass control is NOT true high end here but they sound musical (B&K like) and have no bad traits that I can detect. I'm sure blue book is low here but I feel I made a great bargain. Any other Agoners encounter some great 'bang for the buck' low cost deals?
I had one a few years ago and they are a real bargain at the prices they sell for (I paid $130 for a new in box unit). I sold it for about what I paid for it (can't recall - maybe $120).
i used a couple of the amc 2100s to run my power crazed revels--i believe the amps bridge to 250w in mono. for the giveaway price, they were very serviceable--at least as good as the rotel 980 i owned at the same time, though not as robust as parasound hca. amc's always been a somewhat mysterious company--they were rumored to be the oem for nad and others--and now they seem to have vanished. however, their stuff is well built and, as stated, a real unsung bargain.
I also had the 2030 tube amps a while back with the 1030 matching pre-amp. That combo sounded so liquid with the def tech bp10, my entry level hi end years ago. sounded awesome. amc is still around. search "weltronics".
everyone generally 'qualifies' an edorsement of amc, but the truth is, its awfully good, and the price is unreal for the value it gives...if it were in a fancy machined console it would cost an awfully lot more.
I bought an AMC CD8b player locally about eight years ago without really knowing much about it. I was just trying to quickly get a system together for a friend who was going through a divorce.

It sounded exceptionally good and survived A/B tests against three or four other, much more expensive players over the next couple of years. She's played multiple discs a day for the eight years she's owned it and it's still working beautifully.
AMC, if you can get past the average looks, their products represent a killer bargain, much better than Adcom or Parasound in terms of sound quality. You may notice lately they are seldom seen for sale as people are finding out just how good they really are.
I had AMC 2100 for a while and great" bang for the buck" amp. It might have been a little tinny when use at high volume but then again I didn't have room treatment. Very good bass response for its price.