AMC 1030a works with what amp?

My friend is asking what power amp with work better with his AMC CCVT 1030a (2 12au7 and 2 12ax7; Class A, balanced) preamp? He is using AMC CD6b player and Epos M12 speakers. Any recommendations, especially from those who have used AMC 1030a, are appreciated.
I have used mine with a Parasound HCA-1000A power amp (good match, especially because it has input level controls). The AMC preamp has a VERY hot output. It sounds very good and dynamic without being too bright. I run the input levels just over halfway on the Parasound.

I am currently using the AMC with an ODL HT-2 (which is very similar to the famed Odyssey Stratos). This is a great combo, with improved imaging and bass over the Parasound, but there is no input level control, so the gain is a bit much (this means the volume control on the preamp rarely goes over 9 O'Clock). I may be putting this amp on the market soon...
I run a SFS-40 Sonic frontiers and CD6B with aerius i's sounds good. I have tried in the past against Audible Illusions 2D and VTL 2.5 and I still run the 1030.

I run the AMC preamp with a Dynaco ST-35 and McIntosh MC250.
The previous comment about the hot output is the same with
my system. The preamp has to be one of the best buys in
thanks for the suggestions, my friend's AMC preamp has balanced output to the poweramp, I hope the Parasound, Dynaco,McIntosh, Sonic Frontier, and ODL have balanced input???