Ambient temp increase with tube amp

This is my first tube amp: Cary SQI-100. Who out there in audio land can shed some light on how hot these get? Factors? Placement, etc?
My thermostat is set at 72 and I recorded a temp of 93-101 at the bottom of the shelf above the amp. The amp is set up on open shelves in an alcove.
Temp recorded after trying a pair of new LRS for a couple of hours. I doubt that I'll keep these even though they sound great. I compared these with my Heresy IVs.  Might not be the best amp for the LRS? Volume with the Heresy IV's ~8 o'clock and about 3 o'clock with the LRS for the same listening level.

Eight valves are going to heat the bottom of that shelf, regardless of the speakers in use.      Even, if the system is idling.      If your LRS pair sounds good, just get used to the idea and enjoy.    Far as volume levels/dial position; you're comparing 86dB to 99dB @ 2.83V/1 Meter.     Quite a disparity!
If it gets too hot I recommend a Vornado. Get the big full room one, as the big one can be run on low and yet be placed far enough away you can't hear it. Pointed towards your legs it will cool you down without rustling air by your ears. I've been running tube amps 20+ years. This is the best way yet of dealing with the heat they put out.
The LRS are 4 ohms and low sensitivity, so, yes, the amp will have to work harder. However, they should be up to the job but they’ll get warm. It's what tube amps do! If you can’t put them in a better ventilated spot, you might reconsider.
If it's actually a Cary SLI-100 I assume it has 4 having 4 100 watt lightbulbs under a shelf...they're supposed to be hot. My power amp is a far smaller single ended thing with only 2 power tubes and I give it and my tube preamp (4 tubes) lots of room in an open rack...
You might try having the tubes cryogenically treated. That will cool them way down.
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