does any one have info on a amber preamp 2
I sold them back in the early 80s, decent preamp, amps were a better buy, but respectable.
In about 1982 I ran two Ambers as monoblocks. They were decent sounding solid state devices and, as I remember, the company was run by a passion for audio and music making. I don't even remember a pre-amp, though.
I had the stereo 70 and it was a good amp but was a step backwards from the Dynaco tube amp I sold for it.Peter Aczel of the Audio Critic liked the amp back when what he had to say meant something.
I have information, as well as some spare parts. What do you need to know?
6 years later ... :)
Do you have schematics for the "amber preamp 2"?
I have one of these preamps and the balance control isn't exactly balancing ...
I would like to have it fixed.
My brother still has the one I obtained in the very early '90's from a pro studio here in Nashville. Sublime with the Dynaco Stereo 70 I used it with. He still uses that same kit with his Paradigm Atoms. Really special.

Used mostly TL072 J-FET Opamps which to this day I feel offers superb sound thanks to my years with this unit.

Phono stage is to die for.

I just picked up a Amber 2 preamp in near mint for 150. not sure if that's high but I cant wait to listen to it. Ill be pairing with a Audionics CC2 amp . Now the amp itself is different , its gold casework , with silver heat sinks ,and a black front. Its all aluminum !
I just picked up a fine looking pre2 and it works very nice! Does anyone know if the inputs are strait wired or not? also what was the price when new ?
So ... no schematics, eh? :)