Amazon Wireless Alexa Earbud

Last week, a rumor popped up that said Amazon was working on its own pair of truly wireless headphones. Think something like Apple's AirPods or Samsung's (new) Galaxy Buds. At face value, there's nothing too surprising about a company wanting to jump on a bandwagon and offer up a competing product from the other giants. But, unlike a lot of those other companies, it doesn't really make any sense why Amazon would want to go down this route.
What's more, the initial report said that Amazon Wireless Alexa Earbud is one of the most important new developments at the company. 

Guys, What do you think about the Amazon Wireless Alexa Earbud? Can be they rival of Apple and Samsung? 
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If you don't understand what's going on here then you don't understand Amazon's business model. First they listen in, package and sell everything you do on-line. Then with Alexa they listen in, package and sell everything you do at home. This represents the next logical development for Amazon.  Instead of being limited to listening in on what you say at home, these will allow Amazon to listen in on what you THINK, everywhere!
A while back I spoke to someone who had a nice thing going with a product they made and sold on amazon. Before long, amazon came out with a competitive product made by them which undersold and ended the person's business.

It doesn't surprise me that amazon saw some potential in the wireless earbuds and simply saw the market for what it is.

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