Amazon Ulimited HiFi - Q4 2019

Who will try out Amazon’s HiFi service at launch later this year? Looks like it may be ready by Christmas, and I’m looking to buy a family music sub. What features does everyone like in a streaming service? I want a music sub with the following features:

1. Support for family members who don’t reside in the same household (looking at you Spotify and Google);
2. CD quality or higher;
3. Reliable/not too buggy (looking at you Tidal);
4. Google casting;
5. Multi-device control - I like Spotify’s ability to use one device as the remote for another endpoint device;
6. Anything else?

Does anyone know whether Amazon will use MQA for its higher-than-CD quality tier? If not, Tidal may really feel the pain. I’m not committed to MQA yet as I haven’t bought a compatible DAC, and I would actually benefit from higher PCM streams with my current setup. Either way, I’m interested to see whether high res goes mainstream.
The only way this can be properly vetted is through a 30-day free trial.  
If Amazon gets into high res streaming, I see Tidal's days being numbered. It could also mean the end to MQA if Amazon adopts a different standard.