Amazon Reference w/Moerch Tonearm any reviews?

I am curious if anyone has this combination as I have read about it and it does seem like a great table.  What cartridge are you using?
there's a review somewhere on Audiogon too
We had the moerch for a very long time it's a wonderful sounding it sounded great on just about everything but the problem really isn't the arm it's the service and support which is non-existent
I happen to have the Model One with a DP6 arm. I think it is a great sounding deck - exceptionally low noise floor - so it becomes exceptionally dynamic and revealing. It's weakness is that when there are very busy musical passages I am convinced that there is audible time-slur - I don't experience this with my higher Torque TT's. The reference and the model one have the same drive mechanism.
Amazon introduced a coil less motor a few years back, these TT really do sing.
Do you mean "coreless"?  I can't imagine a motor with no coil at all.