Amazon One and dps Turntable Experiences?

Has anyone auditioned the Amazon One and dsp turntables? They seem to be featured in many systems at hi-fi shows, but there is very little information about them. How do they compare to Scheu (Eurolab)?
I have had a DPS turntable for past 18 months. It is phenomenol. I use with an Audio Note level 5 system and this is the only component not Audio Note.
The table is very dynamic and lively. I had a Kuzma Reference for a brief time with the same arm and cartridge. It sounded absolutely dead in comparison.
I auditioned both decks - the DPS over at GT Audio and the Model One at Walrus systems!

I bought the Amazon Model One - that should give you some idea of my views!

I will elaborate and say that I really found it a very hard decision and part of it was due to the issue of specification which I'll address as follows:

The bearing of the DPS is ruby, the Amazon is ceramic. Ruby is ordinarily superior, of that I have no doubt, but those of you who know of long term ruby bearing turntables are limited. The problem is on an engineering level ruby bearings have a tendency to crack and/or shatter. This was the main failing of the Pink Triangle Anniversary export. In practical comparison I think their was no audible difference to my ears.

Motor - the Amazon Model one has an outboard DC motor that is battery powered, the DPS has a Berger motor mounted that is AC with an external power supply. The Amazon motor whilst not having the torque or the probable ulitimate pitch stability of the DPS and/or any AC motor more than makes up for this with no cogging effect at all which allows you to hear into records better. In addition to this the noise floor is exceptionally low. This means that the dynamics are more evident and everything comes out of silence - even the clicks and pops!

Finally was the issue of upgradeability - as far as I am aware Graham Tricker will make, or does make a DC motor for the DPS with which to upgrade - thats' it! The Amazon can be upgraded to Reference standard for £2500 which means it is a no cost option. The package includes a new bearing and a composite platter of lead, acrylic and titanium.

As a final thing, you should have a look at the Lyra Audio website and their show stands. I believe they use the Amazon to develop their cartridges, and used Amazon model two's and the Reference to front the Connoiseur Definitions Amplifiers - the Model 3 pre amp is £60,000. Enough said?

Very good write up. What tonearm/cartridge combination are you using with your new Amazon table?
I have to make a correction - The Amazons are NOT used to develop Lyra cartridges, but Lyra do use them to demonstrate their cartrdiges and electronics, and they also import the Amazon.
I heard a dps with Schroeder Reference and Zyx Airy 2, also at GT Audio. I have not heard an Amazon.

I thought the dps sounded wonderfully fast, dynamic and lively, no doubt helped by the arm/cart combination. Pitch and timing were spot on - I couldn't hear any cogging effects.

I took about 8 albums along and spent nearly three hours listening. Generally, the music was wonderful, however one of my reference tracks sounded bass light. Graham attributed this to the characteristics of the SET tube amp he was using.

Overall I wasn't fully convinced. I just had the feeling that there's probably another deck/arm/cart combination available that will deliver as well sonically at a lower price.

There was something slightly lifestyle/hifi as modern sculpture about this demo. Just my perceptions, but if it doesn't feel right, my credit card stays in my pocket.
Hi Flynigred

I perhaps should not have said cogging, probably more motor feedback from the AC motor, which is known as cogging in my view.

Notably there is a web interview with the DPS designer Willi Bauer, and he says the drive belt vs string approach has strengths and benefits on both sides, and I have fallen on the lower torque string approach used on the amazon. Its' platter does have a lot of inertia by sheer size, and has plenty of deep fast well defined bass in my set up which uses a Lavardin IT amp, and Yamaha NS 1000 M speakers.

Try out the Amazon - I tried out several decks before I chose it. It's a matter of taste.
Lohan thanks for the additional information. Which arm are you using?
From my listening experience all I can say, the Amazon Reference impressed me much more than the dps with any Schroeder Arms ( I listened to a few of them ).
I know, it is not quite comparable, because they were not in my System, but the overall high frequency information and the musical flow through the whole range was better with the Amazon / Morch / Lyra than dps /Schroeder/Lyra's.
Hi Flyingred. I am currently using A Morch DP6 arm. At the moment I do not have any silicone put into it - this is on the recommendation of the importer, however I am tempted to put in a bit to lower the resonance, which I think is a bit high at about 13 or 14hz.

I have considered some other arms such as the Breuer/Brinkmann, a Graham, A Schroeder, or a Kuzma Airline. The only concern I have is that the Amazon was developed with the Moerch, and any change may be just audio jewellery with no real improvement, that could be had better elsewhere i.e a new phono stage