Amazon Music High Definition and Ultra High Definition Equipment Requirements

My goal is to use my late-model iPhone to stream music from Amazon HD/Ultra-HD through some sort of DAC and then on to my stereo (old McIntosh with Bozak speakers). I see that the upper transmission rate specified by Amazon is 24 bit/192 kHz. Am I correct in assuming that a DAC such as, for example, the Schiit Modi+ , will allow me to accomplish this goal?  For reference, here is. link to specs on this DAC:


Schiit DAC Specs


Can the Schiit do Bluetooth or AirPlay? If so can you get the Amazon that way?  If it works that then the issue the connection.

Do a free trial of Qobuz and see if that works.  It’s better than Amazon HD anyway. 

Success: it was a hard wire connection issue between the phone and the DAC, which has been resolved.. Next step is to go in to phone settings to verify that everything is dialed in correctly for Ultra HD fidelity: stay tuned........


Jan 23

We finally have been authorized by Amazon to have their SDK. So, the works to integrate Amazon Music can start.

This however is quite a long work, and it won’t be released until the second half of 2023.

We will keep you posted on the progress

Bringing Amazon to Volumio is going to make it a lot easier to integrate it into your stereo system.    I suspect it will be on the pay tier like Tidal and Qobuz but  the Amazon library is huge and will allow you access to LOTS of music.