Amazon Music High Definition and Ultra High Definition Equipment Requirements

My goal is to use my late-model iPhone to stream music from Amazon HD/Ultra-HD through some sort of DAC and then on to my stereo (old McIntosh with Bozak speakers). I see that the upper transmission rate specified by Amazon is 24 bit/192 kHz. Am I correct in assuming that a DAC such as, for example, the Schiit Modi+ , will allow me to accomplish this goal?  For reference, here is. link to specs on this DAC:


Schiit DAC Specs




yes, one advantage of Amazon is being able to directly handle many streaming services.  My CA handles only Qobuz and Tidal, everything else requires AirPlay or Chromecast 

Appreciate everyone's input. I believe I am converging on a solution.

Stay tuned for further developments...........

OK: ended up with a Schiit Modi+ (had the necessary specs). Signed up for Amazon Ultra HD music. App runs on my iPhone: can hear music on iPhone speakers. When I connect the iPhone (lightening connector) to the Modi+ (USB C connector) I get nothing downstream to amp/speakers. In Amazon app, there is a screen that looks like it should be showing the Modi+ as a possible output target, but it does not appear there. Tried multiple cable configurations and at least two iPhones and one Apple MacBook Air: no dice; 

Any thoughts?


Can the Schiit do Bluetooth or AirPlay? If so can you get the Amazon that way?  If it works that then the issue the connection.