Amazon Music High Definition and Ultra High Definition Equipment Requirements

My goal is to use my late-model iPhone to stream music from Amazon HD/Ultra-HD through some sort of DAC and then on to my stereo (old McIntosh with Bozak speakers). I see that the upper transmission rate specified by Amazon is 24 bit/192 kHz. Am I correct in assuming that a DAC such as, for example, the Schiit Modi+ , will allow me to accomplish this goal?  For reference, here is. link to specs on this DAC:


Schiit DAC Specs


My understanding is that streaming through an iPhone is capped at 24-bit/48 kHz lossless audio. Any DAC induced further upscaling from that - even if it is even possible with your suggested budget Schitt which I tentatively highly doubt - … is a big performance compromise at a minimum that won’t get you anywhere near the audio performance of a native hi-rez 24/192 pair of discrete hi-end units.

Toddle down to your fave bricks and mortar high-end audio store and actually go audition a dedicated high-end streamer capable of 24/192 as a source, now feeding into a high-end DAC capable of 24/192+ rez …. The audio performance improvement provided by each component in the link are huge.

Amazon Music is a little more difficult to stream than some of the other services.  They don't share the API and don't support Linux like some of the others. 

An Amazon Echo Link  is one solution.  it does have cozx and toslink out to connect to your dac or RCA out to bypass it


Personally I use an inexpensive i5 Fanless PC and USB to my DAC.  There are lots of RemotePC aps to control the computer from your phone.  This gave me the highest resolution for not much more than a Link

I used to stream from my iPhone, but using a separate streamer sounds much better, but I don’t think too many streamers work with Amazon HD. I’d suggest eventually stepping up to using a streamer and switching to Qobuz that reportedly sounds better than Amazon HD. But, if you’re gonna go from your phone I’d highly suggest ditching the Apple Camera Adapter and get this LavriCables adapter as it only costs $85 and sounds much better.

You might also consider their dual USB cable that uses separate signal and data legs for better sound and that is usually reserved for much pricier cables.

I have both of these and other LavriCables and they’re great. Hope this helps, and best of luck.

I just got a Wiim Mini today, streaming Amazon HD via toslink to my preamp DAC and working great.  You can control either via the wiim app or stream via the Amazon HD app.  $84.00 on Amazon.

Get a DTS Play-Fi streaming device (Paradigm Link, Martin Logan Unison, Klipsch Gate, Audiolab 9000N, etc) and you load the Play-Fi app on your phone, hook the streamer up to your system and you can stream hirez from amazon HD or many other services. prices range from $30 to $2000 depending on the device you choose. The ML Unison also does airplay, works with Alexa, has ARC room correction and is 50% off:


I use an Android phone and Chromecast whenever possible from the phone to my Cambridge Audio CXN 60 streamer/dac.  I also have an iPad and occasionally stream from it, but it’s limited to AirPlay, which is CD resolution (approximately).  I also don’t use Amazon Music.

  Can the Bluesound Node stream Amazon over the Network or does it have to use the Bluetooth?

@mahler123 The Node does stream Amazon over the network. It has a limited function app built in for Amazon. If I remember correctly, you needed to use the android or ios app on a phone to create or manage lists and favorites, as the Node UI did not do just played your albums, playlists, etc.

I found that Tidal connect was integrated better.... not wanting to use separate devices to manage or play my music.

Although Tidal and Spotify both offer the "Connect" api, for the best integration on Node, I ended up with Qobuz for the superior SQ. 


The BluOS platform has Amazon Music as a native option within the app…not a casting one like Spotify or Tidal Connect.  The Node N130 is the device to fulfill your objective.  But if all you want is Amazon Music the Echo noted above is more economical, although its onboard DAC may not be as well implemented.

I second the suggestion for the WIIM Mini (or the pro version for that matter.) I’ve had mine since June of last year, and am quite happy with it’s functionality. I bought it specifically because it allows me to stream high res Amazon Music bit-perfect to my DAC while using the native Amazon app on my phone.

The WIIM app is not terrible, but like most other non-native streaming apps, has it’s limitations. That said, it does have some cool features like multi-room audio, content presets, DLNA, and global searching across services. It also integrates with basically all of the music streaming services, which allowed me to compare and contrast the different offerings to see what I liked best for my own needs.

At their price-points, it really seems like a no-brainer type solution that’s worth every penny!

Oh, and not to ignore your question about the Modi+ - That's a fine budget DAC that would work well with the WIIM, but don't think the iPhone would be a great solution at the end of the day.



yes, one advantage of Amazon is being able to directly handle many streaming services.  My CA handles only Qobuz and Tidal, everything else requires AirPlay or Chromecast 

Appreciate everyone's input. I believe I am converging on a solution.

Stay tuned for further developments...........

OK: ended up with a Schiit Modi+ (had the necessary specs). Signed up for Amazon Ultra HD music. App runs on my iPhone: can hear music on iPhone speakers. When I connect the iPhone (lightening connector) to the Modi+ (USB C connector) I get nothing downstream to amp/speakers. In Amazon app, there is a screen that looks like it should be showing the Modi+ as a possible output target, but it does not appear there. Tried multiple cable configurations and at least two iPhones and one Apple MacBook Air: no dice; 

Any thoughts?


Can the Schiit do Bluetooth or AirPlay? If so can you get the Amazon that way?  If it works that then the issue the connection.

Do a free trial of Qobuz and see if that works.  It’s better than Amazon HD anyway. 

Success: it was a hard wire connection issue between the phone and the DAC, which has been resolved.. Next step is to go in to phone settings to verify that everything is dialed in correctly for Ultra HD fidelity: stay tuned........


Jan 23

We finally have been authorized by Amazon to have their SDK. So, the works to integrate Amazon Music can start.

This however is quite a long work, and it won’t be released until the second half of 2023.

We will keep you posted on the progress

Bringing Amazon to Volumio is going to make it a lot easier to integrate it into your stereo system.    I suspect it will be on the pay tier like Tidal and Qobuz but  the Amazon library is huge and will allow you access to LOTS of music.