Amazon Music HD..... Not For Audiophiles

Interesting article....

If you want a streaming service primarily for your smartphone or tablet, Amazon Music HD will work fine, because those are the platforms it was designed for.

Happy New Year!
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@lalitk all your digital started as analog.

If you can not wrap your head around that you’re so far gone no one can bring you back.

I enjoy all music formats, digital and analog. I simply said that all kinda suck. And that is a fact, Tidal, Quizbuz what ever it’s called, Deezer, Ponus, Amazon they all have issues.

Hell tonight I listened to the new Nick Cave streamed on my Moon 280D then moved to SRV on CD playing on my Moon 260D Transport and now I am listening to Yes 50th live on my Thorens TD145.

Dude I sleep just fine and it’s only 9:00 pm here.

Please stop being a digital douche. 
@lalitk oh geez you’re a fuser too. Gross!

Frag Out!!

Gross generalizations has no merits! You wanna level with me, then please tell me if your analog rig is without any flaws.

No not at all @lalitk all formats of audio have flaws.

That is the allure of the hobby to try and work them out with well fuses, stones, generators, cables.....

Just pointing out that well they all suck to some degree, kinda like political parties.