Amazon Model two turntable?

Anyone know any thing about The Amazon Audio Components Model 2 Turntable. I searched and searched and can't really find any feedback on it, just that people seem to upgrad to the better Amazon table. I found one used that is why I am asking but don't want to get something that I will want to upgrade after a month.
I love mine. I had quite a few turntables before I finally settled on the Amazon with the Moerch UP4 (now DP6). I compared it to an Orbe/SME IV, a decked out LP12/ittok and a Rekokut idler with an SME 309. To my ear, the Amazon sounded the best. Maybe I'd take an LP12/Aro if my neighbor was a dealer and could keep it in tune. I'd move up the line too if I had the space for the model 1. If you get it, buy a TTweights Classic weight. It was a huge bump for me in resolution and noise reduction. Nothing heavier though because it over damps and kills the sound. I have mine on a maple wall shelf.
Which Model Two are you looking at? They have updated it apparently. It now has the split plinth like the Model One.