Amazingly Close to Krell Sound

A few years ago, I sold my Krell KSA 80B to my brother in law. 80 lbs was nothing to a tree climber with his own landscaping business. Well, diabetes has caused huge health problems in the last few years and he's asking me to help him.
He loves the Krell sound. But he has absolutely no energy to move his amp. Each time his health fails further (recently lost a toe) he has to get help moving his amp. (moved from his own home to a large one floor apt. then from there to a floor in his brother's home) Folks don't mind doing it, but that's not what he wants. We've read about the KSA 50 being warmer, and that appeals to him, and he likes the KSA 80b's sound. Here's what we were wondering:
1. ...of the Krell owners, what is the closest company to the Krell sound? PASS? Spectral? Who?
2. How much do the KAV amps different from the KSA amps if there is no answer to #1 as any other amp being close?
3. I'm going to have to sell his KSA80, I'll send it back to Krell for their stamp of approval, and sell it here and have it shipped from there. So what can I get him for about $800 that will be 40lbs and sound as absolutely close as possible.
I'm sure you folks can help me. Krell experience a must for this one.
Yes, I know system dependancy is important, but we'll leave that as a constant, "you've had Krell, you've loved Krell" and go from there.
he's had yamaha NS500's Ns 1000's, VanderStein 3's, and is now running some I built for him with Vifa aluminum dome (like the Vanders) and Dynaudio 7's, polyprope caps with teflon bipass caps and silver clad 6 9's copper wire. Now that he's going with smaller woofers, that tight solid bass is a must. He's running a Krell KAV 250CD and a McIntosh tube FM Tunor, into a Krell PAM-5 pre.
Okay, another post for more help on this, so we can stay on topic. Help... I really want to help him.
I can't vouch for Krell-like sound, but if he wants a good ss amp that's quite a bit lighter for $800, I would consider McCormack DNA 0.5, or 1.0.
Man, that's a tall order. The Krell KSA 80 (and much better yet, the KMA 160's) are amongst my all time favorite amps. I think I understand the circumstances, but, if friends and family really don't mind moving it, let the poor guy enjoy it. After losing his health, he really doesn't need to loose a classic like that too. Beg him to keep it.
I can't compare the Krell - but a small SS integrated amp is the PS Audio GCC series. Have it modded by underwood and put in critical link fuses.

It's the best SS I have ever heard - and quite reasonable. The gain cell preamp really makes it shine - however the break in is pretty long.
Aragon 8008B is a killer amp. Very detailed Powerful lows very krell like.
ive owned several Ksa250's Ksa300s MDA300 Ksa200 ect. Get the aragon.
As the krells get newer and newer they keep boosting the Highs and detail, Some like them some dont.
I would second the McCormack DNA 0.5, or 1.0 I have a dna-2
and find krell like bass and a slightly warmer sound.
i put my hands on those DNA 0.5 or DNA 1. I have krells before and while they are good, i find them a tiny grainy. The mccormack is smoother and tube like with details.
Okay, thank you all.
So will the McCormack or Aargon have the bass? Or are they similar there with different musicality?
What about those PS Audio amps? Are they of the same league as the McCormack and Aragon?
Why not a Krell integrated amp? A KAV 300i can be had for about $1000.00,& it has as close to a Krell sound as you can get & weighs About 30 lbs.
I have had an Aragon 8008BB for many years driving my not too efficient (and full range) Mirage M3si. If the bass gets to the amp, and you provide it enough juice (no crappy AC filters), the bass will certainly come out. And it will be extended, but more importantly, well controlled. However, there are aspects to the 8008 that should be identified, based on the original post.

Either model of the Aragon 8008 weighs a lot more than 40 LBS. I beleieve the ST comes in at around 65LBS, while the BB is around 75 LBS (extra transformer). In addition, and depending on speaker, I did not find the Aragon's sound quite the same as some Krell amps. As an example, driving a pair of Thiel 3.6 or 7's, the Aragon definitley added some grain and an electronic edge to piano compared to an FPB 200. In fact, it was quite bad on the 7's. I cannot say what the Krell 80B sounded like to me as I never heard it.

The sonic differences, while still there, were less audible on other speakers such as Wilson or the Mirage. I could not afford the Krell, so bought the Aragon. It served me well for many years. Properly matched and setup, it has been musical, detailed, and sounded pretty good most of the time. I enjoyed rock, blues, jazz, etc., with this in my system, and it boogied pretty darned well.

Other than the weight, I do not know that you can get one in good condition for $800.00.
I beleive the McCormacks will have better bass than the Aragons although both are very good amps in their own way. I know one reviewer compared the DNA-1 very favorably to a Krell amp but admittingly gave the Krell amp the final nod for having state of the art bass. The McCormacks presentation is more forward sounding where as the Aragons sound is more layed back but both portray a very large soundstage. You know it just comes down to what characteristics are most important to you. I could easily recommend either one.
Ive owned Several krells mono tube amps Kt88, 300B, 6550 ect.
I now picked up a OCM 500 Its a Belles design its a great amp.
Solid Class B rating
Hiend2. A krell tube amp??? Really....Can you tell me more about the Krell tube amps. I wasn't aware Krell even made a tube amp.
Krell has never made tube amps.
I seemed to have misplaced my Krell tube amp. Has anyone seen it?
If Krell did ever make a tube amp, I am sure they would still find a way to make the sibilance cut your eyeballs out when you listened.
Regarding the Krell 300i integrated amp, in my opinion this does NOT have the famous Krell sound and is really a mediocre amp/integrated amp. The 400 is a step up in performance though, but still a lot to be desired.

Since weight is such an important factor I doubt you will be able to replace the Krell sound of their older amps. The FPB and previous amps had great smooth sound, great bass and were actually quite airy in the mids and highs. Many people today seem to claim the Krells as being bright and edgy (which may have some truth with some of their newer stuff, especially the audio/video/home theatre stuff)but the amps of a slightly older nature are in no way producing this type of sound. I love the FPB series and while they are capable of carrying a highly detailed signal, they do not add glare and graininess (unless it is part of the signal it is being fed, which of course any good amp should do - vs. stomping on the signal by smoothing it out).

If I liked the sound of the digital/switching type amps, then I would recommend these based on weight alone (part of your requisite); however, I have yet to hear a digital amp that I could ever be happy with (please no bashing here, I have not heard them all).
Several years ago I switched from a KSA 50s that I really liked to Odyssey Monos because I needed more output. The character of The Monos was very, very close to the Krell. Neither amp was remotely hard or edgy and my guess is, if you like Krell you'll like Odyssey. More power and fewer $ are the bonus here.

Good Luck

from Don Shaulis review in January issue of Stereo Times:

"I have never heard Moussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain/Pictures at an Exhibition [Telarc B000003CSH] before. Oh, I have owned the CD for years but I never really “heard it” before. The Spectron presented the softer passages with such inner detail they became seductive but the real surprise came in the crescendos. The peaks reached were a revelation. It wasn’t that the Spectron could play loud, it was that I wanted the music louder. For the first time the crescendos were reproduced with full fury but no smearing or harsh edge that demanded the volume be reduced. Now, after many years, I finally “get” this fine recording. "

Well, with "pulerising power" (Neil Gader of TAS) of 2500 watts peak power over 500 msec and ultralow distortions AND low weight of 52 lbs - your clear cut solution is
Spectron Audio Musician III SE

All The Best