After deciding to dabble in vinyl i've been reading the TT threads and am amazed at the depth and breadth of information offered here. I never new there was so much to it! To get to my question... Since deciding to go vinyl I am now considering the possibility of purchasing TT seperates. Is there a resource available that guides one in this endeavor? I see all kinds of arms for sale with different arm boards. I'm pretty sure you just can't put any arm on any TT but don't know where to begin. I thought I'd start with a Denon (Dp-47F or similar TT) but the more I look and become educated the more I think maybe I should take a different path. Again, thanks in advance.

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Bo you would most likely be better served by initially going with an entry or mid level integrated setup whereby everything fits together for you. After you become familiar & more comfortable, then you could either move up, or upgrade what you have.
Myself I have a reasonable level of experience, yet even I wouldn't try to piece something together as you propose. Having the senior members here help you out with recommendations for a complete setup is your most likely path to satisfaction IMO.
One could recommend the VPI HW-19 series as a good starting point with a flexible upgrade path; many options in that regard.
Specifically the HW-19 MKIII or HW-19 MKIV, which is where I started.
I'm sure there are others too but I couldn't say what... No offense, but I will say that at the Pioneer receiver level you really shouldn't get too carried away; the equipment just isn't all that capable.
You will need a higher output moving magnet type cartrige (vs. moving coil) for compatibility with your rcvr.