amazing video about listening, in a very special heartfelt way.

this video was done by Cinematographer Chris Bell, a local audio friend here in the Seattle area. it's about Bob Lichtenberg, who is deaf.

sponsored by Stereophile, in the memory of Art Dudley.
OMG! Mike! I witnessed this first hand!

My Aunt Bessie was deaf form birth. Never saw any indication she could hear anything at all. One day we are down in the basement rocking out. Aunt Bessie comes down, huge smile on her face, goes straight to one of the JBLs and puts her hands on it. Big smile, rocking her head, she is practically hugging it. Just like this guy in the video.

She had been over before but never come down in the basement. Parents were out, we figured we can rock out, Aunt Bessie won't mind, she is deaf. Never imagined she would feel the vibrations through the floor, want to come down and enjoy the music with us. But she sure did.

Wish I had known the balloon trick. That would have been beautiful. 

Thanks Mike. 

I haven't watched the video yet, but in my youth there were some deaf guys that lived nearby and would come over and party. They loved music! And knew how to party! 
Watched this last night. The brain is such an incredible system and tuned so well for music...
Talk about putting things in perspective! Many here including I can hopefully take a dose of humility out of this. Just what this site needs. Thanks Mike for sharing.
love all the comments.

i'm inspired to appreciate Bob's love for the music and his belief in what he hears as real and valuable. so beautiful. he is not ambiguous. 

and nature finds a way.
Very uplifting, glad you shared this. Bet Art would have loved his speakers being so intensely and purely appreciated. A fine tribute.
MC.  If JBLs are good enough for aunt Bessie they are good enough for me.  That story brings tears to my eyes. 

It is amazing .  Connect to yourself first.

Then feel your body. And let the vibrations feed you.

Is it more easy for deaf people ? 

´´Glennie has been profoundly deaf since the age of 12, having started to lose her hearing at the age of 8.[6] This does not inhibit her ability to perform. She regularly plays barefoot during live performances and studio recordings to feel the music better.[6]´´

Wikipedia   Evelyn Glennie

Absolutely great... Ive shared this with other hifi people in Australia. 
Thanks for sharing. 
Cheers Andrew
Mike, I read the article this week, thanks for the video link. Amazing to see and happy for this man and his true enjoyment!
Beautiful. Truly inspiring! Makes one realize that no matter how different we are we have so much in common.