Amazing ??

I have unfortunately fallen in love with a pair of speakers.

I am looking to upgrade my kef coda 70s soon with a pair of speakers in the £500/$1000 region..

was thinking of dynaudio 42, atc scm7s, pmc db1s

BUT.. then i saw these..


£750/$1500 is really more than i wanted to spend but i can't get these things out of my system! (no pun intend)

Anyone heard the like?
Heard the like?


Had the same response?


I ended up with my Vandersteens the same way. As soon as I heard them I started trying to figure out how I was going to buy them. Sounds like these are the speakers for you.

And in the end, it's only money, right?
You've discovered single-driver loudspeakers!

Loth-X makes some very nice monitors and floorstanders, using single-driver elements.

There are several other brands, and DIY projects that you can choose from, too.

There are some things that single-driver loudspeakers can do better than just about anything else.

Most single-driver speaker fanatics also use low powered SET amplifiers, which really go well with them.

This is a very "hard to beat" combination, if you do it right.

Check into Lowther drivers(and the speakers which use them), and same thing with Fostex drivers, AER drivers, Phy drivers, REPS-1 drivers, Diatone drivers, Coral Beta drivers. You'll find that these single drivers can be used in a variety of ways, and a variety of cabinet designs.

Yes, they do sound very good indeed!
Thanks for the responses!

I adore the look of the loth stuff. and their blurb about not splitting up the signal has me virtually sold (against conventional wisdom? :-S)

i was thinking of using a sugden a21a with them, or a couple of flying mole mono blocks.. 100w per channel/amp although i don't know how the loth would handle that much power..
You don't need much power, and a simple SET amp with less than 10 watts would do nicely.

Tubes generally sound better than SS on these types of speakers. Low power generally does better than high power too, in these types of systems.

I use a 2 watt per channel SET amplifier with my single driver speakers, with fine results.