Amati Homage

Best amp and preamp combo for these babies?
your question makes no sense unless you have some budget in mind. and if you care about an answer, why not become a member instead of hiding behind a fake email address?
Good point about a budget -
I'd like to spend between 10,000 and 15,000 on amp and preamp setup.
but honestly, i am real, thats my home email, i am at work now and I do care about an answer.
No need to get so aggressive..
my choice is:as a ss goldmund,as a tube VAC for amatis
All the way GOLDMUND 28.4M or 29M.... you may try Spectral with them too. Although they are not the best Sound Factory speakers. (old stuff still better)
Good luck.
I'd go with tubes..stereophile reviewed them using CJ prem 12's but with your budget you could get used CJ prem 8's and
for pre the CJ 16ls.
I heard solid state on them and hated it. I was fatigued after a very short time. I would recommend tubes.

I have also heard the BAT vk-150se amps and vk-50se preamp with the Amati's and it was GORGEOUS sound. It is a bit more than you want to spend, however it is something to shoot for.

I would vote for the Blue Circle BC 3000 preamp and new AG 8000 hybrid monoblocks. Just the right amount of oomph for that 4 ohm impedance and enough soul to make those lovely creatures dance. Solid state with Sonus Faber is a no-no.

I gave these speakers a serious listen and decided to stay with my Dunlavy's but I would strongly recommend tubes. I heard them with both the big CJ monoblocks and Spectral monoblocks. In my opinion if you like their sound you should stay away from solid state amps.
I'd go for the new Spectral DMC30SL + DMA 150 Series II.

Awesome combination with the Amati's. It's what I'm listening to right now -- fluid and quick, with soul.

MIT Oracle V2 speaker cables mate perfectly with this trio.

If you live in the Bay Area, go hear this combo at Music Lover's Audio in Berkeley. Ask for Jae or Hugh.