Amati and Mac???

I have a mcd/mda 1000 source driving a set of mac 501's
directly via balanced transparent audio ref cables. Any idea how these would mate with a set of sonus faber amati's. I like warm, relaxed, forgiving sound as all
sources will be digital via the mda (which is excellent).
I can not use tubes as I have very young children who touch everything and the system is in our main living room.

I've heard:
MC402- Stradivari (mc preamp, estoeric source, aq cabeling)
Krell400CX-Amati (krell preamp, and the same as above)

I liked the Krell-Amati combo better than the Mac-Strad combo for the following reasons:
Krell-A: tighter a little cripier yet smooth and engaging

Mac-Strad: relaxed very relaxed and almost too smooth and mellow
just my 2 cents